Worth Playing

Worth Playing


Super Mecha Champions Review

Super Mecha Champions, a Fortnite-like FPS game with battle royal modes in a high tech world, but is it worth playing this or just play Fortnite instead?

MM - Team Winner Pose

Minion Masters Review

Minion Masters is an fast-paced strategy-brawler with elements of hero collecting & gachapon. Despite it’s old age, is it worth playing?


Star Wars The Old Republic Review

Star Wars Themed MMORPG SWTOR is a tab-target MMORPG released back in Dec 2011. While visually, it did not age well, but it still has quite a population

Kurtzpel - PVP StarPlayer

Kurtzpel Game Review

Kurtzpel is an anime-styled third-person Action Combat MMORPG that is focused on PVP with story mode on the side. Is this the perfect Anime MMORPG?

SW - Lost Centuria - Gameplay Start

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Review

SW LC is a remastered version of the popular Monster Collector game Summoners War that main focus is Real-Time PVP. Will this be a successful fun title?

ESO Storymode Boss Encounter

Elder Scrolls Online Review

After spending so long levelling, I jumped in a PVP and it felt like all classes were just spamming 1 skills and running around like headless chickens.

Fayie Enterprise