Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Bombergrounds Reborn - Match Over Screen

Bombergrounds: Reborn Review

Taken from the Bomberman title idea, now Reborn and a much better version than the original Bombergrounds Battle Royale version. Is it now worth playing?

KoC - Shield Crab

King of Crabs Review

Do you enjoy the Battle Royale Genre but you don’t enjoy titles such as PUGB and Fortnight? This Crab themed version just might be for you.


Super Mecha Champions Review

Super Mecha Champions, a Fortnite-like FPS game with battle royal modes in a high tech world, but is it worth playing this or just play Fortnite instead?


Bombergrounds: Battle Royale Review

Taken from the Bomberman title idea, Bombergrounds takes off with cutesy animal characters with similar mechanics. Is this Early Access title worth trying?

Fayie Enterprise