PC Reviews

PC Reviews

Swords of legends Review

Swords of Legends Online Review

Swords of legends is an open world action combat MMORPG that is heavily advertised as the perfect Western MMORPG that is not Pay2Win.

Elyon Review Feature

Elyon Online Review

Elyon is an open world action combat MMORPG that is focused on Realm vs Realm & PvP. A slight upgrade from Tera but still no where near BDO’s combat

Bless Unleashed Feature

Bless Unleashed PC Review

A very hated and a “meme” MMORPG with very little promise that takes place in the medieval era with magic and knights. Third time the charm right Neowiz?

Albion Feature

Albion Online Review

A Full Loot PVP MMORPG that takes place in the medieval Europe era considered as Runescape’s successor, but is it as good as it sounds?

KoC - Shield Crab

King of Crabs Review

Do you enjoy the Battle Royale Genre but you don’t enjoy titles such as PUGB and Fortnight? This Crab themed version just might be for you.

Tera Feature

Tera Online Review

Tera is dying, despite how much potential this title has, a simple upgrade to UE4 and some content would surely revival this goliath in the MMORPG industry.


Super Mecha Champions Review

Super Mecha Champions, a Fortnite-like FPS game with battle royal modes in a high tech world, but is it worth playing this or just play Fortnite instead?

MM - Team Winner Pose

Minion Masters Review

Minion Masters is an fast-paced strategy-brawler with elements of hero collecting & gachapon. Despite it’s old age, is it worth playing?

Fayie Enterprise