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MSL Light Variant Radis

3/4★ Radis

In Monster Super League, the oversized rock-like Astromon Radis also has Light/Dark part of it’s collection. Are you going tame Radis today or ever?

Shellie Rebirth Event

3/4★ Shellie

In Monster Super League, the shell-like Astromon Shellie now has Light/Dark part of it’s collection now. Will you add it part to your collection?

Dark SuperEVO Seiren

3/4★ Seiren

In Monster Super League, the mermaid Astromon Siren is capable of SuperEVO now. Is she now worth building for late game content with her new powerup?

Dark Vicki SuperEVO

4★ Victoria

Victoria is one of the Nat 4 Astromon that you probably seen everywhere right? At least the Fire Victoria in Leagues. Let’s see if she is worthy to be built.

Dark Banshee SuperEVO

4★ Banshee

Banshee is one of the Natural 4 Astromon with the new Curse skill, here is my breakdown on all the Banshee and which ones are worthy to be built.

Variant Dark Ginger Cookie

3/4★ Ginger Cookie

This Christmas, the 3/4★ Christmas Event Astromon Ginger Cookie is here, is this cute cookie Astromon worth getting?

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