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4★ Mini Yurika

Mini Yurika is the seventh Mini Anniversary Astromon in MSL, The fire Mini with 3 elements, Is Fire, Light & Dark Element of this Astromon worth building?

postal knights 2-feature

Postknight 2- Mobile Game Review

Postknight 2 is a casual RPG where you play as a mail-delivering knight in a fantasy world. Fight, collect items or simply customize your cute character.

MSL Variant Dark Venus

4★ Venus

Venus was one of the easier Shield Astromon to obtain back when the game just started, how does Venus stand up now with the other Nat 4 Astromons.

MSL - Midsummer Variant Dark Miho

5★ Midsummer Miho

Each 5★ Midsummer Miho is great for their own respective fields in MSL, but is it really worth spending your gems on during Primo Festival? Find out today!

MSL - Primo July 2023 Summons

MSL Primo Festival July 2023

Primo Festival is back for Midsummer Miho. Currently, the only Water Nat5 with punture so summon her now to get ahead in PVE Content.

Fayie Enterprise


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