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Mobile Games


5★ Scheherazade of the Snowlands

An alternative Scheherazade with a Christmas theme, Scheherazade of the Snowlands has arrived in Christmas 2023. Is this waifu Astromon worth getting?


Zold:Out- Mobile Game Review

ZOLD:OUT is an semi-turn-based adventure game that lets you combo weapons, recruit clerks & forge arms to creatively beat baddies in free-flow fights.


4★ Mini Yurika

Mini Yurika is the seventh Mini Anniversary Astromon in MSL, The fire Mini with 3 elements, Is Fire, Light & Dark Element of this Astromon worth building?

postal knights 2-feature

Postknight 2- Mobile Game Review

Postknight 2 is a casual RPG where you play as a mail-delivering knight in a fantasy world. Fight, collect items or simply customize your cute character.

Fayie Enterprise