Closed Beta

Closed Beta

Perfect New World Water SPirit

Perfect New World Beta 2 Review

Perfect New World – a new MMORPG by Perfect World Entertainment, discover the reasons of fall of the sacred city as a Soul Tamer + Your Chosen Class.

ArcheWorld Feature

ArcheWorld – Closed Alpha

Just imagine, a seamless, open world PVP focused yet still having an expansive collection of life skills MMORPG that utilize NFT on blockchain technology…

New World Camp Tier 2

New World – Camp System

A Camp can serve as a respawn point, you can simply rest at a camp to quickly regenerate Health or craft basic supplies before handing off into battle.

New World Territory Standings Selection UI

New World – Territory Standing

In New World, each settlement (Town) will have it’s own Territory Standing reputation. Each provides lots of passive benefits if it’s levels are high enough.

New World Open World Beta

New World – Open Beta

Amazon’s New World changes it’s mind and gives the community Open Beta before Release. Is this the calm before the storm or are they testing something?

New World PvP Duel Feature

New World – PVP – Duel Mode

Dueling is one of the most accessible and safest way to PvP in New World without any consequences. In NW, you are able to SOLO duel or a group duel.

Fayie Enterprise