Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links PC & Mobile Game Review

You Lose Animation

I remember watching this when I was younger, I remember being super fantasticated about Ancient Egypt and this just made me even more curious.

The original Yu-Gi-Oh! series was one of my all the favorite shows when I was younger along side Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

Although I don’t follow the series anymore nowadays, Konami still made the series very relevant even in today’s digital age. It’s really hard to imagine card games still being so popular vs a full action packed game.

What I really liked about Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is that unlike it’s previous versions, It is a both a mobile game and PC game through Steam. Seamlessly steaming both accounts without losing any playtime.

As it is a card game, it will definitely have an RNG gacha system. As the series is still never ending, it is constantly introducing new Cards, allowing this game to constantly receive new updates. This allows players to explore new builds and mix old builds such as the Mage Deck or Blue Eyes White Dragon Deck with the newer Syncho decks, the combination is limitless.

How cool is that? Could be potentially addicting and dangerous but, that’s also up to us, as players to control.



Fay Steam Play Hours
Fayie Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty smooth, it is a card game after all, you can have flat card graphics or you can have the hologram, it is up to you to choose. Never-the-less, it’s combat is what you would expect from watching it’s TV series. However, there is one main difference between Duel Links and previous Yu-Gi-Oh games or the TV Series. It does not utilize the full 5 Zone map but rather only 3 zone only. Making a total of 3 Monster Zone, 3 Magic/Trap Zone, 1 Field zone. This does drastically change the gameplay for some builds, such as the CyberDark Deck. While it does get awhile to use to, the change does provide a much faster dueling experience, making each duel last upwards of 5 minutes only.

Cash Shop


I have over 400 hours invested to my name since I started playing this on steam. If we are adding my mobile device plays, then just add countless more hours from my iPhone and iPad. This game is addicting is an understatement. Despite those hours put in, I have never once felt pressured into buying anything in-game with real money. You get enough gems by causally playing to buy and build any deck you wish in game. The only drawback is, it takes time to amass gems to buy packs. Premium currency farming in game is not as simple as other Mobile games like Monster Super League.

Further, the cash shop is just like most games out there, as you have to remember, Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is part Mobile, thus you will see the same style of offers mobile games offer. Very Pay 2 Win style marketing. However, just to remember, what the game does promote, is exactly the same as how they promoted Yu-Gi-Oh in reality too; Starter Decks and Booster Packs. The difference is, in game you are able to farm their premium currency to purchase it for free, although they do have an amount restrictions on their special packages that “free” purchases via gems (Yu-Gi-Oh farmable currency). That limit does not apply to paid users. Regardless of that, I see the prices are quite fair in this game and you are usually getting what you paid for. While they still do have their “Gacha” component which you are “deplete” a prize pool and is in control where you can reset it, this feature was similar to one of my favorites Monster Collector Gacha games I played in the past; Monster Squad.

YuGiOh Booster Pack
YuGiOh Booster Pack

State of Game


The game ran very smooth, and is not a resource hog at all. Steam Charts boost having over 8,000 Population base monthly which is still very impressive considering this is purely just steam states. The game gets constantly updated and there is always events going on, even though it is recycled events. However, once you have done all those events a few times, they are just another quick source to get more premium currency. Despite this, Konami has been providing updates consistently with all the new Cards and Decks added over time. If you want a stable card game that is still hugely regarded as one of the best in it’s genre. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is for you.



The artwork in this game is just like the TV Series, it does not dumb it down nor extravagant it at all. You get what exactly you were looking for.



Although, I personally don’t like the dumbed down version of only having a maximum cards on the map from 10 down to 6, it is still fun in it’s own rights. The limited cards really does stop lots of different builds that was set in the series. However as far as an card game goes, it is still super fun and engaging making Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links worth playing completely. It wouldn’t be a main game at all as there is an energy system that does limit your playtime quite a bit, in addition to the keys system for additional story mode play(This is a farmable currency). But then again, you can go ahead and PVP with other players in Real Time that does not cost anything at all making end-game playtime completely unrestricted.