World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.0 Review

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

World of Warcraft Shadowlands, is one of World of Warcraft’s most unique expansions to date. They have introduced a bunch of new complex, interlocking progression systems.

Along with the standard content such as Arena, Dungeons, Raid & Rep Grind. They have introduced new progression systems such as the Covenant and Seed nurturing Systems.

For a returning/existing player, Shadowlands has so much to offer that would suit for each different gamer, whether its being a lore-master, collecting pets, mounts toys, a money goblin, an achievement nerd, PVPer or Mythic Key Pusher or Mythic Raider.

For me as an pretty casual player that enjoys Key Pushing and casual PUG Battleground PVP with some occasional tendency to want to collect mounts. it does free like there is a little too much going in the background which can easily overwhelm casual and new players.

The Redemption Arc

While Battle for Azeroth has it’s highlights, it was widely opinioned as one of the terrible expansions in WoW’s history. Although this may be the case for many, I personally don’t believe that. I really enjoyed Battle of Azeroth, especially the 8.3 patch with the corruptions.

This puts Shadowlands in a tough spot, a heavy burden to ensure Shadowland’s success, especially when other massive MMORPG such as FF14, Elder Scrolls Online or even Black Desert that arguably are only getting better with each expansion.

Fayie Hunter
Fayie’s Hunter

While shadowlands has shown clear differences in terms of gear progression and other features over Battle for Azeroth.

Some of these differences are frown upon by the community such as the new gearing system and AOE caps.

While the new gearing system had it’s limitations and features that the community dislikes, one of the upsides was the return of PVP vendors.

This makes PVP gears much more viable for anyone to get into right away without needing to gear via Mythic Plus spam.

Players can jump in with the standard PVP Gears into Arenas and Battleground without feeling completely useless.

While improvements including the art, cinematic trailers and in game graphics upgrades are just improving patch over patch.

While the expansion is just one month in, with the demotion in iLVL and most noticeably the removal of corruption effects, players are finding the game much more challenging once again while cruising through the new zones and dungeons.

Ups and Downs of Shadowlands


Plenty of new content, from lore, quests, new arena maps, dungeons, raids, pets, mounts, toys, achievements, you name it.

An never ending list of things to do in World of Warcraft already never ending list. In short, you can’t be bored, if you are, the game simply isn’t for you.

Similar to Legion, there are perspectives from individual classes, but this time in the name of Covenants. This pleases all the lore masters out there since apart from novels and books, Shadowlands is a land never explored before, It’s all new.

A revamp of certain classes such as Balance Druids & Shadow Priest, some classes desperately needed a complete remake as it was either not engaging, not fun or not competitive at all. Blizzard did exactly just this when they revamped these two classes, now performing top tier in all content. Sometimes I personally believe a bit too much but as they were at the bottom of the barrel for so long, I do understand to an extent of this design.


The biggest drawback I personally encountered is class imbalance. With all the new skills and revamp of classes and skills, skill balance must be a nightmare for the balancing team. However, we had super ridiculous issues such as being global’ed to death by Sub Rogues or 2 globals by Marksman Hunters. Or being 1 hit KOT by the Convoke the Spirits by Druid Specs Feral and Balance. Along with multiple other underlying unbalanced gameplay.

This makes PVP whether its instanced based or open world very unenjoyable for all classes directly or indirectly involved.

The second biggest issue is time gating, World of Warcraft is very known for time gating it’s content. Shadowland is no different, however this time, among the things they have time gated, lore was one of them, this was very frustrating to players like myself who enjoy the lore. We could only access a small portion each week. For all the TV Shows/Anime/Manga viewers out there, yes it’s doesn’t seem like a big deal since each episode is weekly long, but the main difference is, some purely log in to play for lore, and we don’t want to pay months worth of subscription when we could enjoy it in 1 month.

Other Notes

Shadowlands Bundle Xmas Package

All the non-money goblins out there, or trying to be a Buy to Play player without subscribing to the game (Play by using WoW Tokens) in WoW, the only time it has been this easy was back in the Warlords of Draenor Expansion. Start of expansions are one of the best ways to make money as long as one makes the effort to do their dailies, and on multiple of characters, their revenue stream will multiple like never before.

In just a week, I made over 1 million gold which is equivalent to 7-8 WoW Tokens at current rate.

While one of my guild goblins made over 40 million in that same week

Further, if you ain’t into Auction House Trading, remember back in BFA, there was a chance for the Emissary to give 2k gold. Well in Shadowlands, each day the callings (Emissary) gives an estimate between 1.5k and 5k gold. Most of these callings take less than 30 minutes to do, with some as simple as killing 1 Rare Boss. If one does 15 characters a day, they have an average of 22.5k – 75k gold that would take them less than 7 hours to complete. With this amount, you can easily put aside 100k a month for a WoW token, in just two days, you could have yourself a in-game paid subscription for the month.

There are obviously much better ways to make gold in WoW, but not everyone is a gold goblin and enjoy playing the game as it is.

Currently the Christmas Holiday is here & Blizzard is doing a Holiday Sale. If you are into collecting toys/mounts and pets, they are on sale currently up to 65% until January 4th 2021. Don’ t miss out, there are some bundles too which is a nice chunk of discount.

Is World of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion Worth Playing?

I would definitely recommend to check out Shadowlands if you have never played World of Warcraft before, or looking for an MMORPG to play, meet new friends or enjoy. It’s a great game with a stable success and constant high player base to enjoy with. As for the returning players, unless you are returning for collector, raider or mythic keys progressioner, I would recommend to hold off for a little as you will hit the time gate super quick and feel quite frustrated since bugs and imbalance exist everywhere in the game currently.