My Thoughts on WoW’s New Rated PVP Mode – Solo Shuffle

What is Rated Solo Shuffle

Back in Eternity’s End, Blizzard introduced a new PvP mode called Solo Shuffle Brawl, which consisted of 6 rounds in a 3v3 arena scenario. Rated Solo Shuffle is the rated version of that same PvP mode Solo Shuffle Brawl except for the fact for the first time in Rated PVP, this mode will be spec-based MMR rankings as opposed to the classed.

With the addition of Rated Solo Shuffle, the unrated version has been removed out of the unrated tab and instead placed into a normal brawl rotation.

How to queue into Rated Solo Shuffle

The way to queue Rated Solo Shuffle will be the same as any other Rated PvP except for the fact that instead of having a pre-made group, you can only queue this mode as a solo player hence the name, Sool Shuffle. To find the queue button, you will find an additional queue above the Rated 2v2 in the Rated PvP tab in the Group Finder UI. The only other requirement is, there may be a minimum required PvP item level, similar to queueing up for Heroic Dungeons when Dragonflight Season 1 comes out.

Rewards for Rated Solo Shuffle

You will be able to gain the same rewards as Rated 2v2 and 10v10 (RBG) matches, in addition to the transmogs, season reward mounts, seasonal titles and achievements. The only reward that will not be obtainable is the Gladiator mount which is exclusively for glad 3v3. This rating score is eligible to be used to upgrade your conquest gear in Shadowlands.

Season PVP Mount Progress

Each Win is defined by winning at least 3 rounds out of the 6. As of currently, the more rounds you win after 3 does not increase your Conquest nor Season Reward %.

Currently, you get a static total of

  • 150 Conquest per win (or 200 for first win of day)
  • ~2% Season Reward Progress after you meet the minimum threshold of MMR rating.
Rated Solo Shuffle - Saddle
Rated Solo Shuffle – Saddle

Fayiette’s Thoughts

Enough about what it is and more towards what Fayie thinks about it. Personally, I do like the new Rated PVP mode. While queuing with a buddy against another pre-made is all fun and games but it is also fun when you load into a total pug queue and do the best you can. While as of pre-patch experience, it is mostly going after the undergeared player or the player who just isn’t adjusting well to the random teammates. Which many would see as an not very fun experience, but at the same time, yes isn’t it also fun to instead of always fighting the same S++ Tier PvP comps and just some random pug BTM pvp fun-ness with actual rewards?

While Rated Solo Shuffle has been evolving the past few weeks it has been added from the horrid Tank queue system to the leavers issues. While majority of us don’t trust Blizzard to make the best decision for the PVP community. What can we really do though, we will just complain and moan about it on the forums or reddit and hope to be heard right.

While I don’t condemn tank in PVP, truth be told, I did queue around 30 or so games on my DH in the Tank queue, simply because it was just instant queue (as opposed to upwards of 10 minutes DPS queue). In addition the matches lasting ~1 minute is a lot more enjoying at times than 3-4 minutes per match simply because the DPS lack DPS, or the healers are just too overtuned/geared, or DPS are not focusing the same enemy or a mixture of everything bundled together.

Imagine that on a stretch of 6 matches, that’s also not very enjoyable either. That’s most likely why the other change called dampening happened.

My biggest issue with this or in World of Warcraft or honestly any MMORPG is the entitlement of players who have a complete cry, and toxicity over being queued against or with OCE players due to their 5ms ping going slightly higher. Guess what, our ping is over 200ms and yet we ain’t complaining. Ontop of that, have you seen PVP tournaments being both US and EU going against each other. Ping is a factor in PVP and they account for it. So if “you” are such a great player, you should be able to more or less account for the delay, because at the end of the day, EVERYONE is has that same delay more or less and OCE most likely has it worse, since majority of the arena servers are not in OCE.

Since I returned to WoW after my long break at the start of Shadowlands due to just not enjoying the new “Shadowlands Systems” or the expansion at all. I have geared my Feral Druid through Keystone Master 2k+ for the mount and now over iLvl 290 while my Demon Hunter & Warrior through Rated Solo Shuffle PvP is now iLvl 29x and 28x respectively. (Not counting “iLvl for Arena/BG).

Below are just some of the recorded plays of my experience in the new Rated Solo Shuffle PVP mode.

Fayie Enterprise