World of Warcraft – Pre-Season 1 DF Review

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft Dragonflight, by just the expansion name of it would be probably one of my most promising World of Warcraft’s expansions to date. Simply because I love the Dragon’s lore in the World of Azeroth. Honestly, After doing the campaign twice already on my Warrior and then Demon Hunter, I am still going to be honest here, I am totally lost in the Lore and the real direction that it is going with here.

Spoiler Alert: Yes, the overall story for Season one will be around a proto-dragon named Raszageth the Storm-Eater, who is one of Primal Incarnates also the youngest of the Primalists. However, as we dive into the dragon isles, despite it being all forgetting and magically cease to exist for the past thousand of years. We encounter many lifeforms such as the Tuskarrs and Centaurs still inhabiting in the dragon isles. While the biggest confusing isn’t that but more towards seemingly, basically all proto-dragons hostile to the aspects and it’s respective dragonflights?

While I completely understand the Primalist’s and it’s minions anger and hostility towards dragons but there is no real justification to why is other protos being hostile at all. Given by how it was more-so sealed away under a magical barrier by the Titan’s away from the world, the Proto-Dragons lived in complete harmony and away from all the war and nonsense caused by the Alliance, Hordes and even Aspects. While I am confused, it’s ok, the story is already going in a way better direction than the excuse of a story Shadowlands had.

Anyways, that is just the lore on the side, most people I know skip through it so it’s alright, let’s talk gameplay, the game itself is fun, really fun, I really haven’t had such fun at a start of an expansion for a long time now. The quests are engaging and honestly, I can’t think of anything that was changed to make it better besides the new feature Dragonriding. Imagine about to fly from quest to quest taking a few seconds instead of wasting minutes walking. That is really a real quality of life improvement blizzard gave us here.

The revamp to the crafting system really brought it back to life completely, trade chat is full of people buying or selling crafted items. This was a very much needed change in WoW, also the UI improvements is great, although a bit more fine-tuning on that would be great, as lots of luna errors still even with all add-ons disabled. I wish to see more models and the expansions of the dragonriding system along with it’s customization in future patches or expansions.


I only have 1 issue currently with the Dragonflight launch and it is the Disconnection issue. It is simply unplayable at times, disconnects happen randomly and there doesn’t seem to be a general outlier that is causing it. I have disconnected while middle of flying, phase shifting, hearthing, loading in prior to character select, loading in post character select, loading into a dungeon or PVP instance, opening up community, or simply /reload. Just take a look at the video below and see how stupid this is really.

I have tried all the “recommendation” to fix this error, including a full-fresh reinstall of World of Warcraft but nothing seems to be fixing this for me. Until then, it is more leaning towards a server-side issue rather than client-side issue. Further, not everyone seems to be receiving this as only a few have express concerns on this on the official forums or in my own guild as it is.

Disconnected – WOW51900319 – Support / Technical Support – World of Warcraft Forums

Disconnected from Server (WoW51900319)

Is World of Warcraft Dragonflight Expansion Worth Playing?

Besides the annoying disconnect issues that most of the folks probably won’t ever see, I would still definitely recommend to just subscribe to World of Warcraft, even if you have never played before. This game is huge and has so much to offer and let’s be real here, it’s one of my favorite MMORPG of all times for a reason. While Activison has been said to largely ruin the game itself, the game is still great with a stable success while always maintains a constant high player base to enjoy with so you will never need to worry about the game becoming “dead” unlike other MMORPGs. As for the returning players, unless you are returning for collector, raider or mythic keys progressioner, I would recommend to hold off for a little as you will hit the time gate super quick and feel quite frustrated since bugs and imbalance exist everywhere in the game currently.

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