Tower of God – New World – Mobile Game Review

Tower of God – New World Souls Review

Tower of God – New World was released on Mobile on 26 July 2023, it is a free game from Net Marble, that is also available to play on Google Play PC Games. The game is just like it’s previous Tower of God: Great Journey game just over 5 months ago. Kind of strange if you ask me, even stranger is, we ToG players knew that New World was coming, probably explains why the content felt so rushed in Great Journey to a point it was nearly impossible to keep up as a Free2Play player as the banners would just rotate way to fast for you to even have time to gather gems. Nevertheless, with just over 70 characters available on release, 5 R, 15 SR, 37 SSR, and 6 SSR+, is the Idle Game from Net Marble Tower of God New World worth playing?


The combat feels more simple down then it’s previous game; Great Journey, while I honestly expected it to be better, even if it was slightly. The game is also just another Tower of God idle game; autoplay as the same with it’s previous game; where you can only control your character skills. I honestly can’t say much or even expand in combat as besides choosing when to use your character’s skills, you can also position where they start or stand in a formation, kind of basic and pretty standard when compared to other big gacha games like Arknight.


As expected, Tower of God New World also have a more traditional element system, just like one would expect from most gacha games.

There are a total of 5 elements in this gacha game which are the following, where Light and Dark are separated as normal in their own elemental advantage category.

  • Red: Fire
  • Green: Wood
  • Blue: Water
  • Yellow: Light
  • Purple: Dark
Tower of God New World Elements Explained
Elements Explained


There are a total of 3 PVP modes currently in Tower of God – New World; Regular Arena, Ranker Arena and High Ranker Arena, with the last two story gated at 9-20.

In Regular Arena you will battle against defense formations preset by other regulars which are controlled also by AI so this is not live PVP battle.

The rankings, daily rewards and seasonal rewards are determined based on Regular Points that you obtain each match which can go up or down depending on if you win or loose. Each new season players will start with 1,000 regular points or 2,000 if you finished the previous season above 2,000.

There is also a energy system for Arena where you will need to use tickets to participate each match. Each day, you only get 2 default rounds while you can purchase more through various means such as the premium currency at 100 Suspendium each. Which at minimum is $5.99 AUD for 300+300.

Gacha System

I want to say, the gacha system is very Free2Play friendly, while yes, the game is very pay2win, as with all gacha games in general, the more you pay, the faster you progress, the stronger you get. However, at the same time, not everyone cares about being in the leader boards, some people just want to chill and collect their favorite characters. Even more so when it is one of your favorite webtoon series characters you have loved for years. This game, Tower of God: New World from NetMarble does exactly just that. To begin the game, as you progress further in story & adventure, you are showered with summoning tickets. Whether you RNG and hope for the best or you get to a certain point, blow them all and re-roll if you don’t see the desired results, the choice is yours. Further, the game gives you quite alot of premium cash shop currency as you progress and play and worse come to worse, there is a pity system which is pretty above average, guaranteeing you a SSR at 100 pools (the daily 5 pulls count towards this) and a random SSR+ from a small pool of your chosen once you reach 200 pulls. The best thing is, these pulls do not reset even if you pull an SSR or SSR+ which makes it a cut above the rest of the gacha games.

Cash Shop

This is a gacha game, meaning as long as you can infinitely pull characters and each pull allows you to get stronger makes the game extremely pay2win, or you could say, pay to progress. However way you want to slice it, if you pay, you will get out ahead. Tower of God New World is no different. You pay for premium currency to either pull or buy other goodies such as gold boosters or straight out gear. The game is new as it just launched but already provides tons of content for players to enjoy. Since game just came out, for the ones who do want to be super competitive there are ladders and leader boards for you to engrave your name there forever. So ultimately, it is up to you whether you want to spend money to either make things more convenient, gain characters you love from the series or simply because you want to get stronger and top leader boards.

State of Game

The game runs very smooth on my PC via Google Play Games which I was honestly surprised it was even listed there. It also runs super smooth on my Google Pixel as well. The only issue I have with the game is that the game has a huge delay in response time. I have to constantly wait 3-4 seconds each time I press a button for it to progress to the next screen. Otherwise, the game itself is good, I had played mindlessly for a couple of hours on the side while I was playing Guild Wars 2. The game is chill and when not playing competitively, the game is fun. I don’t think I can go as far as to say the game will be healthy long term and will be around for long either despite being a Tower of God game title. As far as I remember, this is the 3rd or 4th Tower of God game that has been out in the past few years and feels like Net Ease is just milking it at this point. I do hope I am wrong and it shares some of the longevity and loyalty the mobile game Bleach Brave Souls shows it’s fanbase.


The artwork style in Tower of God is beautiful and I personally like it better than Tower of God Great Journey. The sprites looks clean, crisp and nicely animated. The animations are colorful and beautiful and both animation and skills fits in the original lore and not additional added stuff. If I need a reason to play, it would be just purely collecting all my favorite characters; as simple as that.

Tower of God - Data - Khun Mascheny
Data (Hell Train) – Khun Mascheny

Is It Worth Playing?

Tower of God New World to me was a enjoyable experience and I would recommend giving it a go. I played for a few hours climbing up to Floor 3-32 prior to this review and still playing after this review. The game just released and everyone is more or less at the same starting line. I am glad people are giving the game a go and even though currently only 29 reviews, it is ranked at 4.6 stars already which is a good thing. I personally don’t think you need to enjoy the Webtoon to enjoy this game, I see it more as a bonus. This would be my go-to gacha for sometime now for sure. Another gacha I always recommend where you can also play on Google Play Games is Monster Super League.

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