Tower of God: Great Journey Mobile Game Review

Tower of God: Great Journey Review

Tower of God: Great Journey was released in February 2023, the main and only reason I attempted to play this game despite being an Idle Game which are genres I usually avoid is due to it is Tower of God themed. I loved the webtoon series love the development of all the characters (except Rachel, she can die) for the webtoon. Tower of God Great Journey is a beautiful Idle game which I would consider very Pay2Win. While it is totally possible to play while being Free2Play, it becomes very frustrating and many times, you would need to just put down the game and come back later on. Despite its flaws, Tower of God is a fun game that I have enjoyed playing every day now since it’s launch on Valentines Day.


Like you would expect from Mobile Games, the combat is pretty much nearly 100% auto-play. It’s really a love it or hate it feature at this point in time. However, if you can look pass that or you don’t care about that, the game can be quite fun to progress through. The game has several different features where it forces you to collect & build all kind characters to progress in it’s content. While you may see Tier Lists for each of it’s characters, it really does not matter all characters (besides Rachel) exile in some content or are the only ones that can enter and be used. Overall, the combat itself is very simple with each character having 2-3 abilities while your Main character (Baam or Viole) has 6 abilities. You must always bring your main character in either teams of 4, 5 or 6 depending on the content you are trying to clear.

Tower of God - Idle (Pot) Content
Tower of God – Idle (Pot) Content


Like all typical Gacha Games, there are elements to the game, however, it is not the tradition Water, Fire, Earth elements but the character affiliations, Great Family, FUG Tower Climbers or Dream Team.

Further, you can categorize each character further in their type of role which is Fisherman, Light Bearer, Wave Controller and Scout.

Each role is not exclusive to its traditional names like DPS, Mage, Tank as for example a Fisherman can be both a DPS and Tank.

Tower of God Elements Cycle
Tower of God Elements Cycle


Similar to many mobile gacha games, Tower of God: Great Journey does not have a live PVP system, however, they do have an AI controlled PVP system. This is just like story mode but using a player’s pre-defined team and its gear and stats, further while you are able to auto-play through it, you can also choose to manually play to ensure a victory. Daily, you only get 5 free PVP turns while you are able to purchase more entries for 10,000 gold each. While gold is a free currency, it is so much needed in everything you do, from gearing to skill upgrading to shinsu reinforcements to fate breakthroughs, for me at the very least, I constantly struggle with gold management thus I only do 5 rounds a day.

Cash Shop

Tower of God: Great Journey is extremely pay2win, and it is not generous at all with its gacha summoning’s. While yes, you get ~4 summoning tickets a day (is not part of the gacha summoning pulls) and 1 gacha summoning a day from the store & daily quests. That would mean, you would need 9 days to a 10 pull summon. On top of that, besides the current newbie launch quests launch codes, it is extremely difficult to get gems in game passively. Since, right now, your gem (premium cash currency) is from purely from the first-time clearing content reward.

If you decide to support the game by paying, depending on what you get, the one clear thing will be the huge advantages you will have above the rest. Afterall the cash shop itself has everything you are looking for. From gems (to buy gacha tickets) to materials for gear upgrade or even gold and tower entry tickets. Anything you really can think of, it’s in the cash shop one form or another.

Tower of God - Pulls Example
Pulls Example

Known Codes

Working as of February 2023

  • PLAYTOG021723NOW
  • 0218GRE4TJ0URNEY
  • NEW1RREGUL4R0219

State of Game

The game runs quite smoothly on an emulator and I haven’t had any issues with it crashing at all while playing Tower of God: Great Journey. The game obviously won’t ever make it to the top 100s gacha games nor grossing ever and that is OK with me. I personally don’t see this game lasting very long since it’s not generous at all and you hit roadblocks or paywalls very fast. While it does look like the publisher is attempting to make things right, but it’s just the core of the game, while there is decent amount of content to play, it becomes very repetitive real fast. Further, a positive I enjoy is that each upgrade fills impactful and can make the difference between passing or failing a certain floor, but it takes way too long to receive that upgrade which can be its undoing.

Besides the game not being generous with its gacha system, the other biggest negative which makes me want to quit this game is the gold system. It cost way too much to do anything in game and the method of getting gold is not sufficient enough to play properly. I don’t enjoy games who throw millions of golds at you making it useless but making you gold starve throughout each round isn’t ideal either.

While the game has just released, there are new characters and content coming into game, like some of one of my favourite Tower of God including White as a character himself and Albelda who is a part of White.


The artwork in Tower of God: Great Journey is as gorgeous as the Webtoon drawings are. The animations are pretty, and it really fits the webtoon without derailing like some other webtoon turned mobile games would do. Personally, I loved how they captured how annoying and stupid Rachel is in the game as well, so we can all continue to hate that thing.

Tower of God - Ran Animation
Ran Animation


Tower of God: Great Journey is enjoyable, maybe for a few days or even a week or two, but even then, if you had fun, isn’t that all it really matters? Is it worth playing and trying out, for sure. The game is free and even if it only takes away your time in small chunks at a time, if you had fun and enjoy the artwork itself, that all it matters right. While it does not have the biggest community, but there is at least a few thousand+ players currently as it is still new. I would recommend Tower of God: Great Journey to try out for 2023 while the game is still alive while we wait for the highly anticipated Honkai Star Rail dropping in April 2023.

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