Summoners War: Lost Centuria Review

Summoners War: Lost Centuria Review

A remaster of the original all-time favorite

Summoners War: Lost Centuria is a remastered version of the popular Monster Collector game Summoners War that main focus is Real-Time PVP. It just launched today!

I remember playing Summoners War years and years back, however, it really did not age well in time.

Not only did the graphics looks super outdated, the game experience really bad lag during gameplay and on your own island area.

However, Summoners War: Lost Centuria feels like a big improvement, the optimization and graphics was a big update however the core gameplay did change quite a bit.

While Summoners War was Turn-Based Combat, Lost Centuria is more Real-Time Combat instead. While it’s main focus is Real-Time PVP fights. In fact, you don’t even unlock story-mode until you are a certain rank in PVP fights.

Further, Lost Centuria is an shard based gacha game where you open chests for heroes or their shards to upgrade them further.


The combat is pretty smooth, while I may not be use to the combat system, from the get-go, it eludes the feeling of having quite a bit of depth to it. It’s not a complete mindless auto-fight stimulator where there are counters and combos to do. There is also no Auto-Play feature in game what I have come across so far.

Cash Shop

Free to Play Friendly

While the game did launch today, this may not hold true a few months/years down the line, but so far, I feel that whales have a huge advantage due to having access to not just high level heroes but higher rank heroes right from the bat. While F2P players are slowly collecting them via story-mode and PVP. However, in due time, I strongly believe the advantage will not be as high as eventually, everyone should get all heroes at max level as long as their RNG isn’t complete trash right? But at the same time, this is a PVP focused game, and it’s only good for F2P players who started from day one, all newcomers would just be left in the dust.

The cash shop is just like all gacha mobile games out there, you have package and you Gachapon Rolls/Summons; very Pay 2 Win style marketing. While when you gacha summon, it does feel much more expensive summoning than another mobile game like Monster Super League. Cash Shop does also prompt you with lots of pop-ups and prompts asking you to buy certain packages with $$ too, all in all, it’s very standard in a mobile game now days. While majority of the population would dislike it, most just came to terms with it.

State of Game

The game ran very smooth, my PC did not start going haywire heavy when running. I have yet to test this on my mobile phone yet if it is the same. Summoner Wars was one of the most popular Monster Collector Games to date. While it’s graphics has not aged well, the game was immensely popular by the community. It was a good idea to have an successor, however at the same time, it only shares the same lore and monsters as Summoner War, it’s combat system is completely different. Never-the-less Lost Centuria gained a huge attraction as it surpassed 3 million downloads in just 10 days.


The artwork in this game is just like it’s predecessor, Summoners Wars however updated. It’s not a style I piratically enjoy but that doesn’t mean it’s not good, it’s still beautiful in it’s own right.

Is Summoners War Lost Centuria Worth Playing


So the main question most of the community is wondering Is Lost Centuria worth playing? For me, No, while the game is interactive and quite fun for a few matches. It does take a toll on you not long after. While it’s not a fast-paced gameplay, it’s still very mentally draining as the combat revolves around real-time strategy and counterattacking tactics. For the average casual player, a few matches here and here is fun for sure however, for anyone who wants to play for serious, you must be prepared to stay dedicated to climb through the paywalls the game has already revealed to have.

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