Super Mecha Champions Review

Is it Worth Playing Super Mecha Champions?

Mecha First Person Shooter Battle Royale

I am going to be very honest, I attempted this game because I was so bored of the “regular” titles we see everyday and just wanted to impulsively try something different.

I am not a real FPS fan & yes, I also epically suck at it too. However, lately playing “range” classes in Kurtzpel & Swords of Legends Online, I did kind of of want to play a bit more and try a FPS title.

Here here it is, a random FPS title named Super Mecha Champions. While I do enjoy reading manga & watching anime, personally prefer manga over anime but that’s another story. I was never into the Mech style themes and I am still not. So this is no where near some bias mech lover review.

Super Mecha Champions is a Fortnite-like free to play battle royal/deathmatch FPS action shooter. It also has a full fledged cash shop that includes purchasing heroes, skins & battle pass.

Due to the nature of the game, this is obviously going to be a heavily PVP focused game. Main PVP modes are a simple death match 3v3 or a battel royal 1 vs 99 play.

While the game was released back in March 2021 on steam so it is quite new. However, from my understanding and research, this was a mobile game prior to the steam release.

Which I’m quite surprised, most Mobile to Steam ports are utterly awful, I’m looking at you Rebirth Online.

I was going to give up this game within the first 10minutes, before I even going to start a real match, tutorial took forever to load however, luckily, it was just a 1 time thing. Afterwards, the loading was super quick.

So the question begs, do I think it’s worth playing in 2021?

SMC - Steam
Fayie Steam Stats

Is Super Mecha Champions Still Good?


NetEase Games is both the developer and publisher of Super Mecha Champions. NetEase Games is a huge Chinese company who was also the developer of Revelation Online, among other titles such as Crusaders of Light and Onmyoji.


While it is a FPS title, it was quite smooth, even in “Mecha” mode. Controls were simple, the game was easy to understand, easily worth hours of enjoyment especially with the super low queue times. What I enjoyed most about the Super Mecha Champions title was that you “actively” regen HP back when out of combat after a certain period of time in Battle Royal. This makes the player last longer in each round and a bit more enjoyable. Nobody enjoys being kicked out right fighting continuously. Well, maybe some do, but I sure don’t.

What worried me the most is the “Mech” fight of this game, where the Mech will always dominate the human, which is not true at all, my first few matches, I had no idea how to go into Mech form and I still played top 10 and even winning 1st without using a Mech at all, while killing plenty of Mech players.


In Super Mecha Champions, you are able to customize your character and mecha with cosmetic. While majority of the options are locked under a paywall or lootbox of some sort. They do not provide any “advantage” over the stock customizations.

State of Game

SMC SteamCharts
SMC SteamCharts


Super Mecha Champions was only released earlier this year, it’s really hard to say if the constant updates will continue in the distant future. However, for now, it is receiving constant grooming by NetEase Games. The queue times are not high for Battle Royale mode so it is quite easily to jump in and enjoy yourself for a few games.


Due to Super Mecha Champion also being part Mobile, there is always events that is happening within the game just like you would find in most mobile games now days, however, while saying that. Super Mecha Champion is not a cross-platform game. Mobile Data cannot be transferred to the PC Steam version and PC Steam version players will never queue against mobile players.

Cash Shop

F2P Friendly

The only issue I see with not being F2P friendly is that you don’t unlock all the “Pilots” & “Mecha” right away. You would need to either grind in-game currency which is “match & time gated” or purchase it with a premium currency. Otherwise, the game does very well monetizing through skins of weapons, outfits and mechs. While you could effectively level up your character via premium currency, which is considered P2W, I don’t see the gains much at all to pose much of a threat.

The cash shop is quite extensive for what is also a mobile game title. It has everything you need including the “RNG” style loot boxes that could contain anything from skins, pilots and mechas. While, you do not need to purchase lootboxes to win, it does give a slight edge in terms of mecha preference, despite that, the mecha does goes on free-rotation just like League of Legends champs.


The artwork is what you would expect from a anime-like mecha theme game. It is quite nice and some map settings really reminds me of World Trigger’s Rank Battles.

Is Super Mecha Champions Worth Playing


So… Is Super Mecha Champions fun to play? In my honest opinion, I never liked First Person Shooter games at all, however, due to extreme boredom of the MMORPG being completely stale, I had an impulsive decision to just give it a go, this was a very enjoyable title. Heck, I was considering playing it for 1 day, yet I see myself playing the next day already. Battle Royal mode simply is fun and a bit addicting.

Fayie would recommend to give it a try if you are into the “Battle Royal” FPS genres. Each game last under between10 to 20 minutes , it’s a good quickie side game for sure.

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