Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul Mobile Game Review

New Mobile Gacha – Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul Review

Soul Game Combat Gameplay
Combat Gameplay

Did you know, one of my favorite light novels and manga is the Soul Land series.

Prior to Soul Land Awaken Warsoul, there was 2 more Soul Land themed mobile games that came out which both were pretty decent and enjoyable. However, sharing the same fat as most mobile games they were short-lived and closed not long after for unknown reasons.

In fact the 2nd Soul Land game was alot more fun, sadly I don’t remember it’s name however, I would personally rate it higher than this one.

Nevertheless, this is the one we have now, so let’s go.

This game is just over a year old now, it was originally released 27th December 2019.

I was one of the first to hop on the bandwagon as I loved the series and I wanted to give it a try. It was a shame, I wasn’t really knew what I was getting into back then.

It was quite disappointing since Soul Land has such a great storyline and mechanics that can be such a good potential for any base design of any game, mobile or PC. It really shattered what I visualized a perfect Manga to Game port would be like.




Soul Land VIP system
VIP system

There was no Combat in this game, it’s mostly pure auto-based only. Your characters will use theirs skills when Off CD and that’s about it. Simple but could be implemented in a better more unique way but it wasn’t. It was autoplay and if you are struggling, you can pay real money to boost your stats. This was just a pure lazy cash grab tactics.

Cash Shop


This game had a VIP feature, which you could grind your way up, benefiting from all the VIP benefits without every spending a dime. That’s the only reason why it receives a 3★. It is a super long and grindy process but 100% doable. But, while you are grinding away for that, it’s very unlikely you are ever able to stay competitive due to the big power gap between a F2P and P2W player.

While the cash shop wasn’t overly expensive like other Gacha Games. There wasn’t much Gacha involved actually, but rather buying power directly from Cash Shop in addition to permanently boosting your VIP level status that grants even more power. The whole game is designed around the more real money you spend on the game, the stronger you will be in game.

State of Game


The game ran mostly smooth, more than likely due to the super dumbed down muddy poor graphics. I had notice even after a year, there was still quite a few people contesting for world bosses and playing the game so the player-base does look somewhat healthy. The game has been been updated over a period of time, however, I wouldn’t say the publishers are too invested in providing new content.



The artwork in this game was beautiful, the drawings was fantastic, it really brings back the memories and the story to life. The only downside is, the animation is not very clear and its very muddy, super pixelated. Thus not able to gain a direct 5★ for this portion.



Lastly, was Soul Land: Awaken Warsoul fun, unfortunately, due to the lack of combative play. It was akin to an AFK-Idle game, in fact, it was actually worse and even more lacking as you had to be online for majority of the playtime with limited offline functionality. Further, as it was not very interactive, you also hit payment/power-wall blocks very often as a F2P which takes weeks to overcome where as a paid player would overcome it instantly.