SOLO – Beta 1 Experience & Feedback

Swords of Legends Online

Beta 1 Experience & Feedback

Unlike, Swords of Online Alpha, I did not play as much as I did. It was another crazy weekend for me & an even more eventful work week.

My Beta 1 experience will be short but more focused on what I saw and did not like at all.


With population on steam charts peaking at 7k alone, which means, this was ALOT higher from GameForge Client as Beta Key holders are exclusive to GameForge only, the servers very packed for both NA and EU. EU server took a large hit crashing constantly for the first few days, while NA ping and latency was not stable at all throughout majority of Beta. The terrible Oceania ping we had in Alpha got even worse. During dungeons, I was constantly rubbering banding back and forth, not even sure if I successfully dodged or not attacks.

This was strike 1 for me, had to say it, at this point, I highly doubt, they will do anything with the servers to make experience better than they currently are.


I don’t see any immediate updates at all to the actual already translated text, some odd random Chinese text I encountered from Alpha have been removed and replaced with English translations which is a plus.

I know I am maining a spellsword, however, I am still unsure what 80% of my skills actually & explicitly do. While playing over 30 hours in Alpha and even more in Beta, whilst majority of the time on my spellsword, that’s quite sad.

They are still quite a lot of different translations of names in multiple ways; which I am assuming it’s all pointing at one name. This needs to be fixed as it gets super confusing.

For example, in one paragraph, it referred to the player as “Players, Immortal & Student”. While also talking about level requirements as “students”. Which is completely confusing to an average reader and even worse to an non-native English reader.


This was a question asked god knows how times this question was brought up.

I even had a personal conversation with Celes, even made a wager with her regarding how many more times it will be brought up.


GameForge is aware of how annoying and excessive this popup is.

We can look forward to see it gone during launch, if not earlier.

Character Customization

This is a big one for me, I don’t like you have to pay separately for each time you customization your character once you are in-game.

I am someone who likes one thing one day, an another style another day. I would personally like to see a “30 day fashion coupon” or something of the sorts similar to what Black Desert Online has for Character Customization. Whether it is with premium currency, event giveaways or you can buy it with in-game gold. It would be a lot more friendly to perfectionists like myself.

Statue of Confucius
Statue of Confucius

I have heard quite a bit of commotion of no “beards”. For me it is not an issue as I was never a fan of them, however, I do see where they are coming from.

Despite this is not something I personally mind, however, I speak out for the community who are passionate about their bearded characters.

In fact, despite what people think, beards are very common in ancient Chinese lore.

Look at the Statue of Confucius for an example.

They are associated towards Master and elder rank martial artist, high level rank officers, elderly scholars and doctors.

So I don’t see an issue with beards not fitting in lore at all. Especially with this lore setting.



I still noticed some quests, I was no longer about to pick up quests items while on my mount. However, other locations I was. I am still unsure if this is an intended feature was still a work in progress. Never the less, it still made questing unnecessary much easier when I could just use my mount.


Previously mentioned in Alpha Feedback regarding Soft-Lock Targeting.

This is still an issue I experienced in Beta. This feels like an Glorified Tab-Target System that is labelled under action combat. Instead of an true action combat game.

A true action combat game I would refer to as KurtzPel, Genshin or Black Desert Online. I do personally hope, we receive a better action combat system when Unreal Engine 4 is comes out. This hybrid system really does not cut it at this day and age.

Cash Shop $$$


This is a big thing, mounts are way to much, way way way too much. I can consider spending upwards to a $20 on a mount I really like, however, some mount goes as expensive as $40 AUD for a mount is completely excessive. With or without the additional 20%, I don’t think I can swallow that one down. This is strike 2 for me, I completely understand why equalization of mount prices should not be implemented. As two dresses from the same brand for example can be different prices but are still dresses at the end of the day. However, from a price point model, it may be a little too much because if we use the same example, I can still buy a variant of that same dress by a different brand for a lot cheaper as well.

While we have reskins mounts here, the collection so far is still small which does not allow for variety and choices. Unlike World of Warcraft’s extensive mount collection, Swords of Legends were quite small if we only count unique mounts yet prices are not optimized.

Player vs Player

Finally, the main topic of the day, to me PVP is my make it or break it for MMORPG. It was the main reason why I could not completely love Genshin as much as others do despite being a great game, was simply because it did not have any PVP content at all.

However, in Swords of Legends Online PVP. It present multiple issues to me. Due to all the reasons below, this was strike 3 for me.

Time Gating

I received confirmation that NA Server time was in EDT. While the notice from GameForge for PVP times listed in SOLO PVP Modes are in Server Time.

Which means, it is actually even worse then what I originally thought in CEST time. At least in CEST time, we would at least play at night after 9PM, but now, PVP is throughout the day and closes around 3 PM give or take in AEST.  For a full time worker like myself and many other Australians, this just means, a complete no-go for us. Despite catering the game to us, you present us no VPN such as Exit Lag to help reduce/stabilize our terrible ping, pretty much no PVP content unless we are up at odd hours/no work. It does not seem that you are looking after this portion of players at all. We may not be the majority of population base, but it’s been awhile since I seen conditions this bad for a MMORPG offered to Oceanic players.

PVP Arena Team Compositions

As If time gating was the only issue, they also placed a restriction on in team composition.

In arena premade groups, you cannot have more than one of the same class(or spec) and only one class is allowed to be a healer

This not only makes it very difficult to play with your friends if you are playing the same class/spec, but discouraging to all PVP players out there.

If 3 friends are all playing DPS bard, they should be able to queue into Arena as a DPS bard any limitations. I understand about having only 1 Healer, I understand about no Tank queuing. But Class/Spec restrictions is beyond excessive.


Personally, I did not enjoy Swords of Legends Online Beta as much as I did for Alpha.

I expected more things to “change” between Alpha and Beta. However, it wasn’t much at all. Majority of the problems in Alpha is still present in Beta which really worries me for Beta 2 & Launch.

Despite the gaming having a solid core gameplay, vision and path, if some of these problems don’t get addressed and fixed, it will be very hard to attract players to buy the game, let alone stay and even more so for the oceanic players.

I will continue to wait to see what GameForge brings forward and changed in Closed Beta 2 and whether they will keep to there promises of no to Pay 2 Win.


Here a poll below of what you think of the game so far. My thoughts are, considering of refunding.

If you haven’t purchased Swords of Legends, you can do so right now on either Steam, Gameforge or Epic Games.

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