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Swords of Legends Online

Alpha Experience & Feedback

I went pretty crazy on Swords of legends Alpha weekend, did plenty of Data Mining, screenshots, videoing.

Lots of levelling, heck, I levelled all 6 classes to some degree & to make it all worse, I had unexpected work issues that popped up last minute too. It was super crazy and eventful.

I have noticed quite a few things that could possibly need immediate attention.


This was the main thing for me, I’m ok with translation errors but Servers, this defines if people stay or go.

I am playing from Australia; I was not expecting some 10ms server like Oceania servers for WoW.

However, the server connection was not stable at all. I’m more than OK playing with a stabilized 250ms, however what I noticed was, my ping was jumping crazy, when I say crazy, I mean crazy-crazy.

I saw, ping spiking to as high as 450ms briefly, but usually spike between 220-360ms when I was standing still taking screenshots. No players, no loading, no nearby skills going off.

When using skills, or just colliding with NPCs/Monsters/players would cause rubber-banding. This could potentially cause big desync issues in Mass Gameplay. Or simply in Dungeons for Oceania or SEA players.

I have good net, as far as internet speed in Australia goes.

This to me, feels like extreme packet loss. However, I’m not the IT expert here.

​Here is a compilation ​of me just sitting there, with nothing but Character Information Opened for approx. 1-2 minutes screenshotting (roughly around 80 shots).

Look how many Ping jumps (This is sped up but the point is the numbers here)



There quite a lot of translation issues, missing translations, inconsistent translations, and straight out awkward phrasing, during Story-mode, Gameplay and NPC names.

One quick example for translations missed was during Whispers.

As someone who understands Chinese, it was not a big deal for me. However, for the majority of the player base, I am sure this would be quite frustrating trying to understand what things actually mean or do.

However, the ones I want to bring to your attention are regarding the Swords of Legends Stats Information.

Sprint – In English terms, “run at full speed over a short distance”

I personally suggest using another term instead, like “Haste”.

SOLO Sprint

Prescience – In English Terms, “knowing something in advance; foreknowledge”

While, I do believe this is 100% applicable, but how many Native English readers actually know of this term without googling it?

Maybe, we could look at using another term such as “Block Rate”. (I really wanted to say Haki, but copyrighted by OP ☹)

SOLO Prescience

Perception/​Concentration – in English Terms, “the action or power of focusing all one’s attention”.

I personally suggest using another term instead, like “Accuracy”.

SOLO Perception



I was able to fly through most of the Monsters drawing aggro.

I was able to do pick up quests while on my mount (Not sure if intended).

However, this made questing unnecessary much easier as I was able to dodge all mobs and if I did draw aggro, I could fly up and reset.


There were a few targeting issues, mainly towards Soft-Lock Targeting.

For example, during Summoner’s Main Q skill, I Locked onto a target and casted Q.

Despite that mob being slightly behind the other monster, there was no “collision” one would say, yet my skills flew and targeted another monster instead that was “closer”.


Pathing Icons

we need the ability to turn off the “yellow” quest marker that pops up from time to time.

In addition to the dotted lines and the annoying arrows that do pop up every now and then.

SOLO UI - Quest Line

Excessive Popups

It is great that we have a “Block Popups” at the very top, however, there are still notifications and speech bubbles that do bypass that and spam you constantly through story-mode.

We are a PC game, not an annoying cash grab mobile game. We don’t need everything popping up everywhere for doing the littlest tiniest things.

Another thing we should be able to toggle on and off are “New Skills / New Player Tutorial”. I could have completely missed the option for this, but if it isn’t there, I believe we should be able to turn it off. I don’t need new skills/passive popping up every few levels.


This, needs to go away. It’s informational for the first 5 minutes, but after awhile, it’s quite annoying and distracting.

The very top bar, where its your Picture Recommended, Ping, Framerate etc, I would like the ability to customize that.

Or make it much neater.

You have a ridiculous excessive space between Hide Enemies and Block Popups.

Solo Top Bar Blank Space
SOLO Ctrl Lock for Mouse Only

We have the ability to “Lock” the game to only use Mouse and not FPS style.

However, we don’t have the ability to “Lock FPS style. I would like the ability to do that. And Activate “mouse” when using an interface UI such as Character, Inventory, and such.

I would like to be able to Hotkey and toggle that “Lock” (I didn’t see it in the options, maybe I missed it, please let me know).

Chat Blocking

Lastly, I was chatting with other Alpha Members on General Region Chat, then suddenly, boom, I was chat banned.

I was not spamming but rather having a conversation.

SOLO Chat Banned


Overall, I really enjoyed the experience of Swords of Legends Online Alpha.

I’m super excited to see the changes in the upcoming Beta & I have pre-ordered already!!!

I want to thank the Crew, In particular to Celes & Pathmos for keeping me updated, and it was a real pleasure talking to you both, let’s not it stop there, keep the communication flowing even after launch!!!

I want to also thank the team for letting me in on Alpha and explore & I wish I was able to provide some closure to the people who was in-between on playing and provide enough materials for everyone who needs it.

Can’t wait to see GameForge bring SOLO to the west and keep to there promises.


If you haven’t purchased Swords of Legends, you can do so right now on either Steam, Gameforge or Epic Games.

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