Postknight 2- Mobile Game Review

Postknight 2 Review

Postknight 2 is a sequel to the original Postknight mobile game developed and published by Kurechii which entered early access in March 2021 while officially released on December 2021. It is an adventure RPG game for iOS, Android platforms or on Google Play Windows PC. You are able to fully customizable your postknight, explore fantasy lands while battling baddies with innovative, lightning-quick combat. Navigate luscious landscapes, upgrade abilities, acquire epic gear, and build relationships with charismatic characters.

While the original innovated postal delivery gameplay, this sequel takes it up a notch with deeper progression systems and immersive storytelling. It’s accessible questing and hack n’ slash fun wrapped up in one addictive postal delivery loop. Is the sequel version Postknight 2 really worth playing?

Morgan Musican


Postknight 2 utilizes a unique timing-based combat system that sets it apart from other RPGs. Players must tap to attack at precisely the right moment, just before the enemy strikes, to deal critical damage. Different abilities have different timing windows, requiring sharp reflexes. Enemies have armored body parts that require using the right ability to penetrate. As enemies get tougher, managing multiple timelines and abilities becomes key.

While accessible at first, the tapping timing mechanic becomes satisfyingly challenging. There’s depth in reading enemy patterns and knowing when to strike, heal or block. It’s this innovative timed combat that keeps Postknight 2 feeling fresh compared to standard RPG combat. In the end, I found it to be a simple yet highly effective system that provides excitement through mastering timing skills rather than blindly mashing buttons.

RPG Elements

Postknight 2 Skills UI
Postknight 2 Skills UI

There is no actual elemental elements in Postknight 2 but instead it adopts an rpg element aspect instead.

As you completes quests and battles enemies, they earn experience points to level up, you will unlock new abilities to use in combat as well as talent points. Talents provide passive bonuses like increased damage or defense. There is also a streamlined equipment system focused on weapon and armor upgrades with various statistical bonuses.

Crafting allows combining materials found in the world to create consumable items. Relationship building with NPCs through dialogue choices provides story flavor and side quests. Fishing mini-games and resource gathering like chopping trees round out the RPG features. Overall, the progression and customization systems have enough depth to feel rewarding without overwhelming the accessible delivery gameplay loop. The RPG elements are thoughtfully blended with exploration and combat to create a well-balanced postal adventure.


As where I am so far in Postknight 2, I have not seen any form of PVP aspect in the game, even if it’s against AIs like in most other mobile gacha games.

Cash Shop

Postknight 2 is a free-to-play mobile game that monetizes through an in-game cash shop. The cash shop offers convenience and cosmetic items rather than pay-to-win advantages. There are no ads in game besides the ones you trigger daily on your own for additional rewards.

Some of the cash shop offerings include:

  • Gems – Premium currency used to purchase other shop items.
  • Crafting materials – Used to craft powerful equipment without needing to scavenge in the world.
  • Inventory upgrades – Increases inventory space for items.
  • XP boosts – Grants bonus XP gains for faster progression.
  • Cosmetics – Alternate outfits and skins for your postknight. Do not affect stats.
  • Time savers – Instant completion of item crafting or structure building.

The monetization is designed to speed up progression or offer cosmetic customization for those willing to pay. However, there are no items that strictly can only be obtained with real money. Even free players have access to all gear and content with enough grinding. I would still classify this as Pay2Win as you are pretty much able to purchase something from the cashshop to power up.

Postknight 2 Cash Shop
Cash Shop

State of Game

The game runs very smooth on my PC via Google Play Games and runs super smooth on my Pixel 6 Pro. The game seems to receive a lot of love from the community & praised as a mobile game without greedy Devs which is super rare nowadays.

Postknight 2 Home

Some recent additions and change logs since it’s release dates include:

  • Expanded story quests with new cutscenes and characters.
  • Additional late game zones to explore.
  • Quality of life tweaks, UI improvements and bug fixes.
  • Special limited time events and holiday content.
  • New postknight classes and abilities.
  • Fresh equipment sets and cosmetics.

I would say the game is definitely worth a try, it’s free, it’s fun and it gets constant updates. It also does not throw a billion “GET THIS NOW for 98% OFF in the next hour” ads and banners at you, at every screen click.


One of Postknight 2’s standout qualities is its vibrant, anime-inspired art style. It utilizes a cute chibi aesthetic to depict the postknights and characters in an expressive manner. The chibi design shrinks and simplifies body proportions while enlarging the head and eyes. This gives the characters an endearing big-headed little body look.

Environmental backdrops and landscapes also use bright, playful colors and painterly textures. There is great attention to natural scenery detail like swaying grass and glistening waterfalls. The art direction really brings the fantasy setting to life.

Combat visuals pop with flashy ability effects and dynamic attack animations. Even simple mail delivery actions like running and riding wagons have an over-the-top exuberance fitting of a postknight.

As someone who enjoys chibi art styles, I find Postknight 2’s aesthetics very appealing. The charming chibi postknight designs are brimming with personality, and exploring the vivid world is a treat. The visual presentation aligns nicely with the lighthearted postal adventuring.

Is It Worth Playing?

With its innovative timing-based combat, Postknight 2 provides a fresh take on RPG battling that relies on skill over button mashing. The charming chibi art style and diverse fantasy world invite you into an immersive postal delivery adventure. Streamlined RPG elements like crafting and progression complement the addictive gameplay loop of traversing landscapes and vanquishing monsters, making Postknight 2 a well-polished postal treat and 100% worth checking out and playing in 2023.

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