Perfect New World Beta 2 Review

Perfect New World Beta Review

Perfect New World is a PC MMORPG that recently released their second Beta Testing starting on the 14th November 2023 and ends on the 23rd November 2023

Destruction is inevitable when a civilization reaches its peak.
𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐥 𝐓𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐬 might be empowered by their “emotional spirit energy”, but Wraiths are born out of their negative emotions when they fail to rein in their power. The sacred city of Skytear comes falling down to earth with Wraith King springing into existence.
A thousand years after the fall of Skytear, “you” find yourself in Perfect World as a Soul Tamer, ready to embark on a journey where you will be fighting Wraiths and finding reincarnations of the Primes as you stumble across bits and pieces of hints that take you ever closer to discovering the truth of why the sacred city met its bitter end.

Perfect New World

Perfect New World is an action combat fast pasted MMORPG game that does have an hard-lock tab-target system baked in it. It is the traditional martial arts mixed with fantasy theme. As of currently, there was a total of 4 gender locked classes we were able to choose from

  • Mystic Sword (Male)
  • Berseker (Tiger-humonroid)
  • Galeblade (Female)
  • Dragonspear (Male)

Regardless of your chosen class, you are still a soul tamer as that itself is a feature that allows you to capture certain fallen enemies soul and use a special skills related to that soul. In the mean time, is Perfect New World worth the hype or will it be dead on arrival.


Not going to go into the story, and surely most of us ain’t here to play the game for the story to begin with. The story itself from the previews and blurbs we have been given & what I have experienced so far in the game feels okay, generic and nothing real special about it. Most of you would know the Shonen Jump series One Piece, where the story involves the Main Character Luffy finding the One Piece literally. This story isn’t so different from that perspective, you the MC wants to find what happened to the scared city Skytear that fall a thousand years ago. My biggest grip with the story was, you met the reincarnations of the Prime & is a disciple of the prime at the start of the story. Would of been over if you just asked, “hey Master, what happened to the ancient city”?

Other than that, I am sure, on our way as the MC to find the truth of Skytear, we will be facing hordes of enemies commanders & their armies that were inactive for a thousand years yet now suddenly become active once again. Anyways, that is my take on the story, and to another player it may be a great or even worse experience.

Character Creation

In “Perfect New World”, the character creation process is both simple and detailed, offering a variety of sliders that allow you to customize everything from your physique to your facial features. However, it does have its limitations when it comes to standard styles. For instance, as a Berserker, you only have four hairstyles to choose from, while as a Galeblade, Mysticsword, or Dragonspear, you have eight options. The choice of faces is also limited, with humans having only three options, and the Tiger-humanoid race (exclusive to Berserkers) having none. Instead, the Tiger-humanoid race offers five different fur/body markings to choose from.

Perfect New World - Showcase 4 Classes
Showcase 4 Classes

The game’s character creation process lacks consistency and is gender-locked based on the class you choose to play. The Mystic Sword and Dragonspear classes are exclusively male, while the Galeblade class is female. The Berserker class is unique in that it is a Tiger-humanoid race. One feature that stands out in “Perfect New World” is the ability to hide your character’s hair during the creation process, which can be particularly useful when designing the face. This feature adds a layer of convenience and flexibility to the character creation process. Please note that this may all change by the time the game is fully released.

Berseker Customization

My Thought So Far

The game shutters, quite a bit, especially when receiving power-up buffs or before & after cut-scenes, other than that, it does runs decently if you put maximum at 60 fps. I have noticed my PC is alot louder than usual, with a mixture of High/Ultra graphics in. However I have noticed it struggling to run over 100 fps when set to uncapped or 120 fps which is already a bad sign. This is running on i5 12600K, 32GB Ram and a 3060. Although I am sure they are working on it and as this is just the 2nd beta test, optimization test are in place.. Hopefully…

Task Manager Load

I don’t particularly enjoy the combat system, it’s has too many animation locks that roots you in place or forced movement and the game feels super fast paced. As a melee user, I was struggling in hitting the tutorial boss as it zipped around the map constantly. It just didn’t feel satisfying when you are just running from Point A to B to C and by the time you get there, you hit the boss once or twice then they are already moved to another spot. Although that feeling was only during the initial tutorial and the rest of the game so far was not like this, at least true in the open world. Further, the lock-on feature feels weird, it reminds me a lot of PSO’s lock on feature too which I didn’t particular like as it makes your movements all weirdly towards the target and your camera angle too. I would of just preferred the game without the lock-on system.

The game offers a instanced Arena and Battlegrounds for the PVP enjoyers that starts at level 20 and 26 respectively which doesn’t take all too long to get to by just doing the MSQ. Open world PVP status is still pending as they have not confirmed if it will stay in game or not. As for the PVE players, there is a Life skill system, and an expansive achievement system, dungeons and raids.

At level 7, during MSQ, I did a running jumping puzzle which I believe was called Dracopolis South Dungeon which was pretty fun, no monsters, just running, jumping and avoiding the environment, if they made that into an player racing event would be something cool to see and not just wasted in a 1 time MSQ thing.

The talent system is very basic with 6 arguments or enhancements to various skills with 3 options to choose for. Each main talent unlocks at level x5 and spec-able talents unlocks at level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50and 60. The first time you spec into it is free but to respec would cost you in-game currency (gold).

There is a very cute pet system, the pets have different stats in terms of Pickup running speed, Pickup range and pick up interval you do get one for free (at least true in the Beta). While the rest are acquired from other sources, including from what it seems the cash shop.

Perfect New World Mounts Flying Pets
Mounts, Flying Skins, Pets Preview

There is also a Mount & Flying system in game which as of the current moment, regardless of grade all mounts, ground and flying have the same movement speed. This may change in the future, which I personally hope it does not as that would make slower mounts less popular despite having a more liked skin.

I really do like the Spirit Beast / Soul Tamer feature in game. You can equip up to 3 different soul beasts for the respective elements Thunder, Fire and Water. While there are 3 different elements, as of currently, there are a total of 6 different soul beast which can be seen in all elements, for example, Thunder Lion, Water Lion and Fire Lion. I wish in the future, they expand a bit more on this system, and have unique soul beast in it’s respective elements.

There is a skin/costume system that is dyable but it is very basic with only a few skins available and not all skins are dyable, and even the dyable ones only have 4 different colors to choose from.

Perfect New World Soul Beast UI
Soul Beast UI

I don’t like full screen UI systems, it feels that I am being taking away from the game and I can’t actually run around and quest while looking at my inventory or reading my new upcoming skills etc. The entire game gives off the mobile MMORPG feel from it’s UI design to how everything is placed on your screen. With big fat “!” notification right in the left center of your screen (thank god you can drag that to another spot).

Only, the reward UI system is very laggy, it also looks like an in-game browser more than actually part of the game itself. Luckily enough, that system itself is only titled with the a login system and the plentiful freebies for just logging into the game itself. Weirdly enough, the rewards from login system does not carry across except for the “Legendary Captain” title, which explicitly states that it carries over to the Open Beta Test but nothing about open release. Which itself is weird since, who cares about open beta titles, you want it for release and a special title indicating that you were a closed beta is one of the highest title drips.

System Requirements

Operation SystemWindows 10Windows 10
Processor (CPU)Intel Core i7-4900MQ or AMD Ryzen 3 1200Intel Core i7-12700K or AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
Memory (RAM)16 GB RAM32 GB RAM
Graphics (GPU)NVIDIA GeForce GTX1660
AMD RX 6500XT or equivalent
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 12GB
AMD Radeon RX 5700XT or equivalent
DirectXVersion 11Version 11
Storage70 GB available space70 GB available space
The minimum system requirements are temporarily required for testing purposes, and will continue to be optimized in the future


I am personally some fun in Perfect New World, it is a closed beta so I am keeping my mind more open but as it is with Perfect World Entertainment I am not going pray for a super perfect AAA MMORPG game I would expect from titles like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy. I enjoyed lots of Perfect World Games in the past, titles like Perfect World International, Jade Dynasty, Forsaken World & War of the Immortals so while my expectations are not super high, I do expect them to make Perfect New World enjoyable but somewhat grindy. I for sure, would check out the game once again when it releases as I mentioned, I do have some hopes in the game succeeding but as of it’s current state, it feels like a very unpolished and unfinished product.

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