Monster Super League Mobile Game Review

Monster Super League Review

Monster Super League has been around since 2016, that’s when I actually started playing this mobile gacha game. It was after Nexon dropped Monster Squad where I needed a new Gacha to fill that hole. Although I have been playing MSL since beta, it has been an on and off love hate relationship between the two of us.

After all, after playing for this long, one would think, I would have some ultra super rare Astromons by now right?

Well, I don’t, I have not really been blessed by MSL’s RNG Gods in terms of summoning Astromons and probably never will.

MSL Main Starter ship Area UI


Combat has not changed much if at all throughout the years. It is still a very simple 4 Astromons turn-based game. They added a few layers of complexity with modes such as Ancient Colossus, Clan Titans or the more recent World Boss. However, it is still more or less the same, especially when there is auto-battle feature where you can essentially AFK and let AI play the game for you. The real charm of the game here isn’t the combat system at all, I would say it lies with the design of the characters and it’s evolution tree where unlike most other gacha games, some characters who has the ability of SuperEVO, you are able to to actually influence it’s end-game evolution appearance entirely, not just an outfit.


Monster Super League uses an element type to determine each Astromon and it’s damage multiple output.

MSL Elements


Monster Super League does not have a live PVP system, however, they do have a AI controlled PVP system. While it isn’t as good as a live one, it is still quite fun as you push yourself to beat other player’s team for points and gain an overall ranking for the week. Each week will have slightly different PVP modes where certain Astromons could do more or less and they are even banned Astromons for a certain week aswell. It really makes it interesting. 433 should continue to explore into PVP modes and continue to add more and put them on random as opposed to on rotation.

PVP Interface

Cash Shop

This game is extremely pay2win. There is no sugar coating at all. If you want the best of the best, you swipe your card and get it with money. However, what made me stay throughout all this time in Monster Super League is that you can still complete with the top players through grinding & farming without ever spending a single cent. In fact, I have never spent a single cent on the game yet I am still capable of reaching the top 5% in Arena. Take a read at my Astrogem Farming guide to take into a peak of what I do on a monthly basis to make over 10k Astrogems to spend on summoning.

Bringing it back to Cash Shop, you can find nearly everything you are looking for. From Astrogems (to summon Astromons/Trinkets) to actual Nat4 Astromons or even Gold or energy. Anything you really can think of, It’s bound to be in the cash shop.

State of Game

The game ran runs more or less pretty smooth, however, it does crash quite often; especially after big updates. The thing I really like about MSL is that the publisher is usually always very transparent regarding any faults/issues/bugs/exploits. They always make sure to voice it out compensate when it’s necessary. This is one of the biggest downfalls on any game in the industry, not even exclusively towards Mobile Gachas.

Further, the population seems to have declined throughout the years however it is still quite healthy with over 20k+ players at the very least doing events.

Another thing you will notice with Monster Super League is nowadays, there is always an event going on, whether it is an Exotic capture event or it’s some event happening. While it can be quite overwhelming for new players. Most of these events are recycled and for older players such as myself, I don’t participate in them to capture Astromons, but only to grab whatever freebies they have. I rather focus on the time to do mass Story runs or Golem Runs as it would be a lot more efficient to continue to progress forward. Along with constant events, 433 constantly pump out new content for players to enjoy so the game never feels like it is stagnant. For example, we recently just had a Trinket Revamp along with a brand new Evolution form; Ultimate Evolution.


The artwork in MSL is just beautiful and simply gorgeous. This is one of the other reasons I stay. I just want to collect them all. While in the last few years, the game has really tried to turn into just a “waifu collector”. I am glad the devs have noticed that this is a real turn off and started to add a real good mix between waifus and other Astromons. Even after religiously summoning for my Light or Dark Balrona, I still have not gotten it months after months as detailed in my Hero Festival Pulls.


Monster Super League is fun, at least, I have fun in it. It’s probably the reason why I keep coming back despite ragequitting due being fed up of not getting what I want. I enjoy the Arena aspect of the game, and I enjoy being able to explore to find team combinations to complete certain content on auto-play. The game is well put together despite being a huge time sink grind. Despite that, the game is also super beginner friendly and would help you start the game and push you forward without spoon-feeding you like most mobile gachas nowadays. I can see myself continuously releasing more MSL Guides in the years to come as I am still very much in love with this game.

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