Minion Masters Review

Is it Worth Playing Minion Masters?

Gacha Monster Collector PVP Centred Brawler Game

Minion Masters is an fast-paced strategy-brawler with elements of hero collecting & gachapon. This is a free to play title with both free and paid DLCs. It also includes a cash shop that includes purchasing heroes, skins, boosters and battle pass.

This is a heavy PVP focused game that does include single player mode for story-mode, however, PVP modes are the focus of the game with options such as simple 1v1 or a team (2v2) play.

While the game was released back in December 2016, 5 years down the road, it is still getting constantly updates.

So, what does Fayie think, is the game really worth playing in 2021?

Fayie Steam Stats
Fayie Steam Stats

Is Minion Masters Still Good?


BetaDwarf is both the developer and publisher of Minion Masters. BetaDwarf only has 3 titles to it’s name, namely Forced (2013), Forced Showdown (2016) and Minion Masters.


This is a very standard summon monsters and defeat the other side’s King or in Minion Master’s case the Hero’s Avatar. Gameplay includes carefully position monsters, buildings or spells at the cost of “mana”. It’s simple yet effective combat system is enjoyable for all who enjoys this genre.


In Minion Masters, you are able to customize your deck the way you want to play it. In fact, they encourage customization by giving you “Deck slots” for you to save. This allows you to have multiple different style of decks ready to be used in any situation.

State of Game

MM SteamCharts
MM SteamCharts


Minion Masters has been around since 2016, it’s 2021 now and it just released a new expansion back in June 201, while the previous DLC was in March 2021. At this current pace, you will never feel like the publisher has abandoned the game as it is always moving forward steadily. While it’s player base isn’t impressively huge, it’s enough to enjoy the game without any excessive queue times.


From daily quests to monthly events and new content, Minion Masters really does have it all. While the games usually last under 10 minutes, it is still quite enjoyable to knock out a couple of games before you move on to another game.

Cash Shop

F2P Friendly

While being a Free to Play isn’t impossible, I do believe it is much easier to collect and progress through the game if you do pay. This is due to the lack of methods or quests to gain in-game currency. You get 1 daily quest, a chest with the prerequisite of 3 win per day as the main daily methods of gaining in-game currency. Otherwise, you would need to continue to rank up both Solo and Team badges for more loot. Thus fully hindering your progression as a F2P player.

The cash shop is not the full fledged, here is what you can buy, buy whatever you like kind. It the “RNG” style where you get a small different selection per day or week, and nothing more.

If what you want is not there, you would need to wait for it to reset. I can see both good and downsides to this. While Hero Avatars are purchasable at any time of the day for both in game currency and premium currency. Lastly, as mention in the F2P section above, while you only get a small selection of special items daily/weekly, you are able to still purchase gacha rolls with in-game or premium currency any time of the week to do gacha rolls.


The artwork is what you would expect from a monster-like theme game with medieval elements. The artwork from both in-game and cards are very similar making it very easily recognizable.

Is Minion Masters Worth Playing


So… Is Minion Masters fun to play? In my honest opinion, while we know I tend to focus more of the PVP side of games, Master Minion main gameplay focuses heavily on real-time PVP. This makes this game super enjoyable as a side game. It would more than likely get boring real quick as a main game unfortunately, due to the lack of variety of different game-modes. While it offers solo, team and story mode, the core game itself does not change at all.

With nothing really to play lately, Fayie would recommend to give it a try as each game last under 10 minutes, it’s a good quickie side game for sure.

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