Kurtzpel Game Review

Is it Worth Playing Kurtzpel?

Kurtzpel - Player Laffyette

The Anime PVP MMORPG Kurtzpel

Kurtzpel is an anime-styled third-person Action Combat MMORPG that is focused on PVP with story mode on the side.

It is hub/instanced based style of MMORPG. Over the 2 years since Kurtzpel has been released, it has going through many changes.

One major change that some older players are aware of is some classes were locked under DLC packs, however, nowadays all classes are free to play and unlockable with in-game currency.

As this is a PVP MMORPG, it’s pretty much right up in my personal alley, do I think it’s worth playing still in 2021?

So here comes the million dollar question, is Kurtzpel worth playing in 2021 or should we find another game invest time in playing?

Is Kurtzpel Still Good?


KOG which stands for Kingdom of God is the publisher and developer of Kurtzpel. Does that name sound familiar? Well it should, it is the same as the big hit titles GrandChase and Elsword. KOG is a South Korean game development company. They specialize on anime-style MMORPG games.

One of the biggest issues with KoG is that they only listen to the Korean community for feedback which is not always practical nor applicable in the global market. KoG is also known to big Cash Cow in the industry, milking everything Elsword while neglecting their own titles. While one of their huge promising game; Grand Chase shut down awhile back due to mismanagement, they are re-releasing it again sometime in August 2021.


I personally really enjoy the smooth action combat, combat system in Kurtzpel. The only one in the genre currently that stands on par with it is Black Desert Online. Not only is the combat is smooth, fluid, it flows quite well with it own unique combo system; easy to execute but hard to master. It’s definitely a title worth checking out if you enjoy 3rd Person action combat games.

Early Game

You can enjoy the game by doing dungeons with friends or solo, or you can choose to do PVP content right off the bat. In fact, PVP is mostly equalized making it very enjoyable for any new player that comes in. The only difference is the amount of skills and talents assigned to a player which comes from leveling.

End Game

While Kurtzpel does have a level system, it does not really affect anything besides PVE content. If you are a PVPer, none of the end game would really matter unless you are into cosmetics.


Character Customization

The character customization in Kurtzpel is in-depth, you are still able to create an Waitfu or Husbando anime character to your liking without much issues at all.

Build Customization

In Kurtzpel, you are able to switch between any of the 11 classes without any limits or costs. While it’s build customization is quite simple, it still exist for players to customize their karmic skills and passives. There are a total of 40 skills per class to choose from to build and customize to their needs. On top of that, in Kurtzpel, you are able to set 2 classes at once switching without limits between them during combat using the default hotkey Tab.

State of Game


Kurtzpel is constantly getting updated, with new Classes coming from time to time, along with class balance changes.


Kurtzpel has a stream of constant events to keep the community on their toes like most MMORPGs would have. There is also a seasonal battle pass system in Kurtzpel that is quite easily completed by just playing the game.

Cash Shop

F2P Friendly

While in the past, the game had classes locked under paywall, making it impossible for free players to ever obtain, nowadays, you can still pay to unlock those said classes which additionally comes bundled a higher level that a Free to Play player must spent hours of levelling to obtain. The pure definition of Pay to Win.

Cash Shop

The cash shop is fashion and cosmetics however, in Kurtzpel, all fashion comes with stats. So I would consider the game very Pay 2 Win.


The artwork in this game stays very true to anime artworks, it’s a 5★ in my books any day of the week. The only game that rivals Kurtzpel’s artwork will be Genshin. However, Kurtzpel is the exact opposite of Genshin, while Kurtzpel focuses on PVP, Genshin is the master of PVE.

Is Kurtzpel Worth Playing


So… Is Kurtzpel fun to play? This is a very fun game, if you play once in awhile for PVP, you will enjoy it. It gets updated every now and then and you can always jump back in a few months later and still be relevant and have fun. However, since the player base is quite low, averaging mid 500s at any one time on, once I hit D rank, I noticed my match matching speed went from under 30seconds to a couple of minutes.

Kurtzpel has some big flaws as an MMORPG however, as an casual PVP focused MMO it is still one of the best in the current market. If you judge purely from the PVP standpoint and not the PVE nor lore player side, Kurtzpel is still a MMORPG worth playing. It does have quite a bit of Pay 2 Win or rather, pay for convivence in it’s cash shop but regardless it is still 100% enjoyable title as a free player without any questions.

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