King of Crabs Review

Is it Worth Playing King of Crabs?

A crab-themed Battle Royale

KoC - Alien Crab
KoC – Alien Crab

Do you enjoy the Battle Royale Genre?

It’s a genre that is pretty hyped but you don’t like the big boys in the genres such as PUGB and Fortnight?

There are so many alternatives you can play in the genre that has a pretty decent player base to keep you entertained.

For example, there is the mecha-theme Super Mecha Champions. Today, I bring you another alternative for you.

King of Crabs is a very straight forward battle royal game, it is more towards the Snakes.IO or Slither.IO type instead with a Battle Royale twist.

Is King of Crabs Still Good?


Robot Squid is the developer & publisher of King of Crabs. Not much is known about this publisher as this is the first title it has released besides being founded in 2017.


The combat is very simple yet effective, you spam click on the target to attack or use special attacks when charged. Great news for all controllers players, the game is 100% controller supported.


Depending on the mode you play, between Friendly (PVE), King (PVP) and Rank games, your main focus is to kill everything on the island in order to grow your crab.

While crabs itself can attack, you can boost your attack tremendously via weapons that are hidden in crates which will appear periodically throughout the time.

While there is no real “End Game” in King of Crabs, but if you take the title literally, it can be considered an end game goal for players. Namely, you can collect all the crabs and level them up, or you can finish the cosmetics collection, otherwise, you can just reach new heights in the Rank game-modes.


Character Customization

Character Customization is available in King of Crabs, there are many “crabs” to choose from as they all come with different stats & special skills.

While customization doesn’t just stop there, you can dress up your crab via Headwear and Crab Paint (Colour of the Skin).

Build Customization

As mentioned earlier, there are different crabs to choose from each having different stats. Namely, each crab will have a assigned rank, from Common all the way to Legendary.

KoC - Life's a Beach
Life’s a Beach

There is currently the following in game from the time of this review

  • 3 Legendary Rank
  • 4 Mega Rare
  • 4 Super Rare
  • 4 Rare
  • 4 Common

You are able to buy crabs directly from the store if it shows up via premium currently.

Otherwise, you can use the Gachapon System called Crab Grab using either premium currency or in game currency to try your luck.

The chances are outlined below as effective of 13th June 2021. This may change in the future

LootFree Crab GrabPaid Crab Grab
Common Crab2%2.50%
Rare Crab1%1.50%
Super Rare Crab0.16%0.50%
Mega Rare Crab0.08%0.25%
Legendary Crab0.03%0.10%
Common Skin2%1.50%
Rare Skin1%1.50%
Super Rare Skin0.10%0.50%
Mega Rare Skin0.05%0.20%
Special Skin0.01%0.10%
Common Hat2.50%3%
Rare Hat1.50%2.50%
Super Rare Hat0.44%1.60%
Mega Rare Hat0.22%1.00%
Skill Points1.50%3.10%
Special Upgrade Points2%4%
Upgrade Points56.20%55.25%
XP Boost2%2%
Coin Boost2.50%1.50%
Growth Boost2%1.05%
Megnet Boost1%1.50%
Pearl (Premium Currecy)4.25%1.85%
Life Points17.49%13%

State of Game


Koc SteamCharts
Koc Steam Charts

While the population is not high, sitting averaging just below 200 per 30 days. It is still enough to jump in and have a blast.

Because of how the game is designed, similar to .IO games, there are nearly no queue times and you can instantly get some fun out of it without waiting.


While the game is in Early Access in July 2020, I do see the game being updates periodically with the last update in April 2021.

It would be nice if the publishers will share an updated RoadMap since the previous one was until December 2020.


King of Crabs graphics is simple yet effective. It’s artwork looks beautiful and it does not look too outdated nor to over the top. It’s a simple Crab island that has enough visuals to keep the player entertained.

OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 64 bitsOS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor or betterProcessor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor or better
Memory: 512 MB RAMMemory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 8800 or equivalentGraphics: GeForce 8800 or equivalent or better
DirectX: Version 9.0cDirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 120 MB available space HDDStorage: 120 MB available space HDD
Requires Broadband Internet connection

Is King of Crabs Worth Playing


So… Is King of Crabs fun to play? King of Crabs isn’t popular by all means, but it’s also not well known at all either.

It’s a fun game that would definitely be able to get a few decent hours of enjoyment before you get bored. Give it a go, you got nothing to loose anyways.