GoetiaX Mobile Game Review

New Mobile Gacha – GoetiaX Review

So here we are, a new Mobile Gacha has hit the market.


Well, a new Global release at the very least. This is a Free 2 Play Game with a premium cash shop.

My first impression so far is, a lot of clicking, to much clicking. The combat is super confusing, I’m not even too sure what’s going on throughout the entire Tutorial stages. The only thing I can say I learn it, the placement of my team & just auto battle. Which is pretty shocking. However, that could be just a me issue, I am probably a little dumb.

Anyways, lets progress forward a bit. First impressions are important but they also don’t define the entire game either.

Progressing through the hand-held tutorial was not difficult what-so-ever. It does not stand out from other of the same genre. It was also very not engaging at all. Auto-play was already active and was enough to zoom pass all the tutorials levels.

The artwork is beautiful, it has Granblue Fantasy/JRPG Vibe to it. Unfortunately, great artwork does not make the game, it’s animation is super basic but the main weakness is, it’s combat is super non-engaging.

Regarding it’s Cash Shop, can a F2P like myself survive in this game at the very least.

It’s a little early to tell but already, I can see that paid players seems to have a massive/unfair boost to unlimited (Capped at how much you spend) Summons, additional energy resources daily. Which is already pushes this game into full Pay2Win. However, this isn’t any different from majority of the market right now for Gacha Games.

I could say, Free 2 Play Players can have fun, but they will never pull ahead ever.

That brings us to currencies, they seem to be a lot of different currencies each having their own shop.

This could be a good thing but also disastrous as that means split farms and split priorities.




With auto-play right at the start, it really gives little no no-incentive for players to actually learn the game and play. Lazy Gamers like myself will just throw on auto-play instead of cursing at it for not having it. Yes we are super picky and nothing you publishers do will make us happy. But regardless of the auto-play being turned on at the get-go, the combat was dull, it was a super simple turn-based combat with no real special effects.

Cash Shop


As far as the game goes, it seems you are able to progress quite far being F2P without much issues. However, a lot of it will be time gated waiting for energy to replenish. VIP/Premium users or paid players has an ENOMOUS head start and infinite (capped at your own expenses) on everything. Thus giving this a 2★ due to F2P will have no issues playing to enjoy but they never be able to compete without extreme grind. The Cash shop wasn’t ridiculously priced as for how that market is currently for Mobile Gaming. It was decent I guess, not my cup of tea since I won’t ever buy but the option is always there for people who are into that. Not judging at all.

State of Game


The game constantly freezes and crashes for me, doesn’t matter whether it was on my Ipad Air or on my Iphone 11. When I don’t crash and was able to play the game, there was way too much stuttering and load screens. If you wanted to upgrade something, you get a load screen. If you want to do a story mission, another load screen. If you want to see a cut screen, congratulations, another load screen. To me, it needs quite a bit of Quality of Life updates to keep it running.



Honestly, what can I say, this was one of the main reasons that attracted me to even give it an attempt. I’m very picky with my games. However, it only received 4★ simply due to the Artwork itself is amazing, but once your inside the game, the quality drops quite a bit. I understand they were going for the chibi versions during combat but I seen others which done a way better job when making the switch such as Food Fantasy. Otherwise, the art itself blows me away.



Lastly, was GoetiaX fun, well honestly, it was not at all. It was super unengaging and just like most players, you probably won’t even play more than a day to find out what the game really really offers. While the story is great and interesting, but is way to non-Free 2 Play friendly for any casual gamer out there. Further, there wasn’t much hype around the game, and the game itself felt super generic did not help it at all either.

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