Food Fantasy Mobile Game Review

Food Fantasy New Journey Review

Food Fantasy: New Journey was released back in June 2018, what really got my attention on this Gacha Game was it’s character designs. It was just simply gorgeous. The game was also a food type genre that was rare in the Gacha Metaverse. Food Fantasy is a Food Personified RPG adventure management game which was inspired by famous recipes from around the world.

Just like Monster Super League, I have been playing Food Fantasy on and off for quite sometime. In fact, this was one of the games I made me quit MSL for a period of time.


Combat is nearly 100% auto-play, which can be quite a turn-off for players. However, although you have no real direct control over your characters during combat, there are small puzzles that requires you to play manually if you were to complete stages successfully. Further, this is a game that also has the “sweep” feature. The sweep feature is basically an feature that instantly clears a stage for you while skipping all combat and right to the end where you receive the rewards.

Otherwise, the combat itself is very simple in this game, you have a team of 5 Characters and you eliminate the enemy essentially.

Food Fantasy Word Boss


Unlike typical Gacha Games, Food Fantasy: New Journey does not uses any element type to determine each Character and it’s damage multiple output but instead, it uses a “specialty” type instead.

There are 4 types namely, Defense, Strength, Magic and Support.

The name itself is exactly what they are great for, Defense is tanks, Strength is DPS, Magic is magic and Support are support/healers.


Food Fantasy: New Journey does not have a live PVP system, however, they do have a AI controlled PVP system. Just like normal combat, this is completely auto-play, the only way to ensure a victory is to ensure you have a team composition that beats the opponent as when the battle starts, you cannot influence how it goes at all. While you only get 5 free PVP turns daily, there is still an option where you can still pay to have more just like many gacha games.

Cash Shop

Food Fantasy New Journey is extremely pay2win. It’s will come to you as no surprise, after all, what Gacha Game out there right now that isn’t pay 2 win? While it is entirely possible and also enjoyable to play the game without spending a single cent on the game, the game becomes a tedious grind as there are only so many things you can do daily with the limited amount of energy you receive. The energy management in this game is ridiculous as the pool is so small and you need so many just to research different food recipes, craft and upgrade recipes or even just find materials to make food. As a side game, it wouldn’t be so bad at all, however, a full time dedicated game as a free-to-play player, you would probably rage quit after a day.

The cash shop store itself has everything you are looking for. From gems (to summon Food Souls) to materials for food or even Gold and fishing baits to a personal manager to handle your food restaurant. Anything you really can think of, It’s bound to be in the cash shop.

State of Game

The game runs quite smoothly on my phone and on an emulator, I don’t think I personally crashed much or even any while playing Food Fantasy. It’s obvious the game isn’t in any top 100s list anywhere and I do agree, it doesn’t have the potential itself to compete against the giants in the genre either. It provides a fun side-game to play but doesn’t draw you in. The game has been on decline since 2020 where loads of problems started to pour in from the discord and Facebook community servers & pages. While Food Fantasy New Journey has a very good flow of events as well as transparency with the developers, it’s the newest and the 6th server of the same game across the global. Namely, CN, TW, JP, KR, global, NJ. Many global players stayed with the Global version while only a portion jumped ship to the NJ version as this edition was available for Australia, New Zealand, South America and Middle East players. Further, in the past, on other FF servers, the devs would always address hackers and bugs right away, however, in NJ that didn’t seem to be the case after a few years into launch.

While there are negative things about every single game out there, even the big giants, there are also positive things about Food Fantasy New Journey. For example, there are constant events happening in the game and in the community pages/servers. The game is always updated and isn’t left stagnant for long period of times. There are constantly new characters and features been added in the game. While, communication between devs, publishers and community needs to improve, the game is constantly still walking forward and not backwards which is always nice to see.


The artwork in Food Fantasy New Journey is as gorgeous as it gets, I personally haven’t found another game is just beautiful and simply gorgeous. This is one of the reasons why I constantly come back here just to play around, even if it only last a week.

Food Fantasy Summoning UI


Food Fantasy New Journey is enjoyable, even if it’s only takes away your time in small chunks at a time. I enjoy it and I still think it is a title worth checking out in 2022 while keeping mind that the player base isn’t the biggest out there. However, it is still a title that is free and can get some quality game time out of it before you get bored and move on or waiting for the next big gacha.

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