Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes Review

Fire Emblem Heroes Review

Years have gone by since I was younger. I remember playing these games back on Nintendo Gameboys.

I remember there was many games that used this kind of style that never made it either.

It is great to see Nintendo bringing some of the classics to Mobile Gaming. A tactical Strategy RPG with Gacha Elements, what could possibly go wrong?

This version, Fire Emblem Heroes is based around using various Fire Emblem characters from their previous Nintendo games. You are able to summon Heroes either through missions rewards, achievement or summoning them using Orbs, or simply gacha summoning.

Heroes have unique strengths and weakness that differentiate one from another. Each hero has a different set of abilities and stats, as well as a favored weapon for use in battle. In addition to this, each hero has a maximum growth of 40 points to all of their stats, which means that all heroes have the same potential after reaching level 40.

However, heroes summoned via Orbs are subject to a Boon and Bane system. One of the five stats will gain a bonus while another will drop. The rarity of the hero affects their starting stats, growth rates, and skills.

In summary, pray to the RNGesus for all the 5* summons.



The combat is pretty smooth, it is a board/grid game after all, you can have fighting animation or can be disabled, it is up to you to choose. Never-the-less, it’s a A turn-based combat system that may would enjoy but not targeted to everyone, but exactly what you would expect from playing Fire Emblem growing up on your Gameboy devices.

Cash Shop


I have spent countless hours since I started playing this on my mobile. I remember playing this during my trip to Peru back in 2017, and countless more on my phone and iPad, this game is beyond addicting. Just like Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, I have never once felt any sort of pressure to resort to using real money to purchase anything. I get enough orbs (premium Currency) in-game to keep myself happy.

Further, The cash shop is just like all mobile games out there, you have special packages and you have gacha summoning. A very pay two win style monetization market. However, that’s not to be surprised, there are very few mobile games in this current day and age that isn’t using this business model. One thing to note is that, when I was summoning in FEH, it does feel much more expensive summoning than another mobile game like Monster Super League. It could be due to the fact you don’t get 10+1 rolls like most gacha systems or the summoning just does not feel impactful.

State of Game


The game ran very smooth, and is not a resource hog at all. I do wish it does have a steam version, which would make me enjoy it quite a bit more. It’s not possible to see it’s current population base however, in 2020, Nintendo revealed to have reached a $1 billion in revenue for all it’s games combined with FEH generating $656 million alone which was 61% of the total revenue. With second and third place being Animal Crossing and Dragalia Lost only generating $131 and $123 million respectively. You can rest assured that Nintendo will continue to add new features and content to FEH as it is one of their biggest revenue generators.



The artwork in this game is just like it was years back, Retro chibi style. Although, I do like this style, I would prefer a touch up with the graphics making it crystal clear and crisp. Unlike other super old titles like Yu-Gi-Oh which got a major graphic overhaul, Fire Emblem Heroes does not which I do see as one of it’s selling points for an “nostalgic hit” however, can also be one of their most fatal weaknesses.



I enjoyed this game as much as I did during my younger years. However, unlike before, my attention span is probably less than a goldfish nowdays. Yu-Gi-Oh combat system feels a lil slow as it is while FEH is on par if not slower making it not as enjoyable as I would like the title to be for me. Never-the-less, I still do play it from time to play, one of the main reasons not as a main game due to being purely mobile device only, however it is an fantastic Strategy game to play and completely worth playing if you enjoy turn-based Strategy games on mobile devices.