Fall Guys Review

Is it Worth Playing Fall Guys?

History of Fall Guys?

Fall Guys were once the king of PC Party Games, the immense hype it had when it first came out was just ridiculous. Ever went on SteamCharts and saw that Fall Guys lost so much players but in July, they all came back? Jumping from peak of 12k in May to a peak of 59k in July?

It is for sure not because Fall Guys going Free 2 Play as Steam was required to delisted the game moments before the game went for free. Everyone tracked via Steam Charts should be players who exclusively paid for the game in the past and have returned.

The reason why many have returned is simply because, Fall Guys now has funds to build things, and build things faster. We have a season pass now in Fall Guys and new maps. It’s no longer the same few maps playing on repeat but now as of this current review in July 2022, a whopping 67 maps.

So back to the topic of this review, is Fall Guys worth playing at all?

Fall Guys


Fall Guys is developed by Mediatonic and now published by Epic Games on the Epic Games Platform for PC.

Epic Games is probably best known for being an “Steam” alternative or the game that allowed it to raise to fame – Fortnite.


Fall Guys only has one combat-like animation, grab.

How to Grab

The default hotkey to grab in Fall Guys are the following

  • PlayStation: R2
  • PC: Shift
  • Switch: Zr
  • Xbox: RT

While you grab someone, you can potentially stop them from moving forward or pull them back while they are about to jump to another platform resulting in them falling to their deaths. Grabbing is an important skill in Fall Guys and one that I would recommend players to master to succeed and have fun.



Fall Guys is an online battle royale party game that allows players to complete against 60+ other players through various minigames. Whether you are running to the end of the map, surviving or even sport-themed maps like soccer or capture the flag.


Unlike Stumble Guys, the game can’t be ran with any potato you found, you actually need a decent PC with at least 8 GB Ram to run even fluid. The controls of your bean character is fun, exciting and competitive. There are lots of different game-modes you can enjoy whether it is through solo play or with a friend or friends. With over 60+ maps in game currently, you can always nearly be sure to play a different map each time without getting bored of the same map on repeat.


Character Customization

Fall Guys has an abundant amount of customization features, under four main categories. The following below is how the rarity is divided with Events being something on their own.

  • Common -> Uncommon -> Rare -> Epic -> Legendary
  • Events

While you really can’t change your bean character like you could in Stumble Guys, but the customization it offers is a lot more in-depth and a wider variety to choose from. Further, as it is now under Epic Games, you can expect updates to continues pour through, whether it is customization or new maps.

Cash Shop

Fall Guys is 100% Free to Play, there are paid battle pass options but that is all for pure cosmetic customization. A whale player vs a F2P player will have the same advantages and disadvantages in every single map in Fall Guys. So, no need to free discouraged at all when you see lots of packages or knowing someone have dropped a few thousand in Fall Guys. None of that really matters. That goes for the same as all the players such as myself, who brought the game in the past. We never got any hidden unfair perks in game. What we received was the following – a Legacy Pack that included a bunch of cosmetic items and free access to the first paid Season Pass. That’s it, no hidden Pay2Win anywhere.

Fall Guys Store Customization
Fall Guys Store Customization

UI Customization

There is no UI Customization in Fall Guys and just like Stumble Guys, there is no need for it. The Gameplay UI is very clean whatever is needed is already shows on screen.

While the lobby UI has changed since launch. Currently, I like what it is offering right now, it is alot easier to navigate and tons of events/perks/achievements for a reason to continue playing.

State of Game


While I live in Australia, I don’t particular feel that there is any ping issues while playing Fall Guys. If I am lagging that bad, it just freezes completely entirely anyways, which I only ever experienced once ever. Or if there is, as someone who constantly play games at a stable-ish 200-350 ping for NA games such a Black Desert or Lost Ark and the new and upcoming Tower of Fantasy most likely. I am quite use to it and this is a party game, it’s not competitive PVP so I don’t mind it at all. Once again, it’s something I am use to, I personally know people who would rage and throw a fit over an increase of 40ms from their usual 5ms in a game. That’s fine too, I get it.

Fall Guys Reached the Goal Qualified
Fall Guys Reached the Goal Qualified


Fall Guys player base as mentioned earlier is back on the rise and it seems that currently it is there to stay. It is very healthy population as of over 28k concurrent players. You can get into a match almost instantly and enjoy hours of game time without needing to wait for long. It’s probably a really good time right now to get together with some friends and play as we know with most games, hype always eventually dies down and the numbers will start dwindling until a new big expansion or update comes through. This is the period for WoW Players that are waiting for the upcoming Dragon Flight Expansion or WoW Classic Wrath of the Lich King fresh servers drop, or Guild Wars 2 players waiting patiently for End of Dragons. Something to just deviate from the usual MMO grind until the new expansion or season drops.

Fall Guys Steam Charts July
Fall Guys Steam Charts July


Fall Guys graphics gives everyone a fresh cute bean character for you to customization with their expanded cosmetic library. However, it is quite resource heavy and you would need quite a decent PC to run it nicely. Below you can see the requirements needed for Fall Guys

Operation SystemWindows 10 64bitWindows 10 64bit
Processor (CPU)Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalentIntel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
Memory (RAM)8 GB RAM8 GB RAM
Graphics (GPU)NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950
Storage5 GB available space5 GB available space
Requires Broadband Internet connection and Epic Games Account

Is Fall Guys Worth Playing

Yes, it is free now, it’s about 5GB, it should take you a few minutes tops to download while getting lots of game time in it. Between Fall Guys and Stumble Guys, which should you play. Right now, after playing Fall Guys a bit more since Epic Games acquisition, I would say, Fall Guys. Simply because, there huge huge huge amount of different maps you can experience and enjoy. Something that Stumble Guys currently do not have. Further, you will have a higher chance of stable future updates with Fall Guys since you have Epic Games behind them. Sorry Stumble Guys, but Epic Games really takes the cake with this one currently.

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