Bombergrounds: Battle Royale Review

Is it Worth Playing Bombergrounds?

The Return of Bomberman

Bombergrounds: Battle Royale has been in development for over 2 years now.

This is one of the battle royal, short matches with saved statistics and customizable characters. As opposed to an beautiful open world environment in a MMORPG such as World of Warcraft & Final Fantasy 14.

This game is still in Early Access but it is free on Steam. The official Early Access release date was earlier this much, the 7th to be exact, and since then, they have released very positive feedbacks.

The game is very straight forward, it’s Bomberman but without the Bomberman theme and not made from Konami, Sega nor Nintendo. It follows the same concepts as Bomberman where you destroy crates and walls via your bomb and be the last one standing.

Each match you will get a proportional exp based on your survival rank & kills, in additional to in-game currency which you can use to purchase cosmetic changes.

So, what does Fayie think, is the game really worth playing in 2021?


Gigantic Duck Games is the publisher for this title. While I do have my reserves for them as I have never heard of it,, they have proven to make a pretty successful title despite having a very old game design and basic gameplay. Further, it does seem that development is quite slow as the game has been in Early Access for over 1 year now on steam. With the Early Access Release Date being 7th March 2020. While we had a Development note on the day of EA release stating the following

As we have developed Bombergrounds: Battle Royale for a good 2.5 years now, we’ve decided to let users play the game in its current late-but-not-finished state. The game is a Free to Play game, so regardless of the Early Access status, you will be able to try the game for free


The controls is very smooth, nothing’s fancy about this, simply controls, WSAD movement and keyboard binds are completely changeable. Straight 5 stars due to doing exactly what it should be doing and set out to do. It is not complex, however it does ad a few twist to the game such as able to use your weapon to hit players to “stun” them. However, you are also able to charge up your melee attack in order to kill players which are twists that were not in the original Bomberman game.

Game Focus

While this is a Battle Royale Game, there is no real “end game” focus of Bombergrounds at all. Each match will not differ to the next and nothing you purchase or gain will make the next game any easier, nor will it improve your stats for you. Making it a true equalized battle royale game.


Character Customization

Bombergrounds has quite a bit of character, whether it is the type of animal you want to use or the outfits, weapons or bombs you want to use. The combinations are endless. The whole issue is, as a Free 2 Play player, you are quite limited to what cosmetic customizations you can obtain. Majority of the cosmetics are locked behind Gem (Premium currency) or a paid Battle Pass system.

State of Game


One of the most worrying aspect of this game I have noticed is the rate of content updates being released from Gigantic Duck Games. I have mentioned it in this article wondering did Gigantic Duck Games abandoned Bombergrounds. While updates are still coming through, it is very slow, with no maintenance nor weekly or monthly patches or hotfixes.


There no events in Bombergrounds, while with only 1 default game mode, there is nothing else. The only “event” like events is the festivals season sales, which is exclusive premium currency only and Battle Pass Seasons.

Cash Shop

Daily Lottery Wheel
Daily Lottery Wheel

F2P Friendly

it’s completely free game, from everything in-game the game itself, is currently free. Yes, they are paid elements to it, but they are completely cosmetic only. Whether you are a paying player or a free player, you have the exact same change of winning as the very next player. Making it a 100% Free to play friendly game.

The cash shop is more gacha than anything, you cannot purchase direct styles from what I see so far in the early access. (This may be subject to change when released. It’s either behind a loot box or a battle pass season.)

Which isn’t terrible, but it can upset players as there is no certain chance of receiving what they are looking for after spending x amount either. In fact, there is a free way to get paid currency through the lottery wheel that is available each day. Despite how long I played now, I have only won the “free Gems” once.


The artwork and graphics is the chibi cartoony with animal style, I like it. For a game like this, it’s not bad at all. A 5 stars for Artwork from me. You start off as a cat, have I told you how much I love cats? Then, you can unlock bears, lions tigers as you continue to play.

Is Bombergrounds Worth Playing


So… Is Bombergrounds fun to play? In my honest opinion, it really is, it may not be a game you can play 10 hours each day, like MMOs or MOBAs games, however it has it’s own place. Further, if you are in a guild or clan or just a group of friends, a solid few hours a week can be very enjoyable.

BomberGrounds Victory Screen
Victory Screen