Bombergrounds: Reborn Review

Is it Worth Playing Bombergrounds?

The Return of Bomberman

Bombergrounds: Battle Royale has been in development for over 2 years now and late last year, it was fully re-released under Bombergrounds Reborn v1.

While the core gameplay is virtually the same, as a bomberman style battle royal along with saved statistics and customizable characters. It is now much more customizable and more unique to the previous “early release” version.

I personally had doubts that this game would die or been abandoned multiple times, but Gigantic Duck Games really proved me wrong.

They released the game properly and even made it a lot more enjoyable. While majority of the items you earned during the early release are gone, the cosmetics are preserved and can be still used. At this period of time, I have not seen a way to “earn” the early release cosmetics which is a great thing to see.

So, what does Fayie think, is the game really worth playing in 2023?

Bombergrounds Reborn - Lobby Screen
Lobby Screen


Gigantic Duck Games is the publisher for this title. While I do have my reserves for them as I have never heard of it, they have proven to make a pretty successful title despite having a very old game design and basic gameplay. Further, it does seem that development is quite slow as the game has been in Early Access for over 1 year now on steam. With the Early Access Release Date being 7th March 2020 and the full game release being in October 2022. I would say the game has seem some success but is not as overwhelming as one would think, with pretty mediocre steam play statistics.


The controls are virtually the same as the Early Release version being very smooth and nothing’s fancy, using simply WSAD movement controls. Keyboard binds are still completely changeable including the emoji. Straight 5 stars due to doing exactly what it should be doing and set out to do. It is not complex, while previously you were able to switch between different weapon which allowed you to have different effects such as to stun players. However, it seems like special abilities outside of swinging your weapon to stun players are now “Avatar” exclusives. Which are more or less all loot box obtainable only.

Game Focus

While this is a Battle Royale Game, there is no real “end game” focus of Bombergrounds at all. Each match will not differ to the next and nothing you purchase, or gain will make the next game any easier, nor will it improve your stats for you. Making it a true some-what equalized battle royale game. Each match will have its own different objectives such as the classic Battle Royal or a Duck Grab or Protect the Crown. I would dare to say that Gigantic Duck Games will continue to include more different game modes as long as there is funding for the R&D team.


Character Customization

Nothing has changed really for the character customization part for Bombergrounds. The biggest different is, the Avatar previously is now never contained special attacks or stats now do. Which no longer lets you just play the animal you like most but the one which is most suited for your playstyle.

Otherwise, the skins, outfits, weapons or bombs can be customized to however you like them. You can either get them directly by purchasing them with ingame currency via the store or pay with real life currency. Luckily, the skins and outfits have no stats so it’s hard to say it is paid to win. The combinations for customizing your avatar are endless but also can be very expensive, since you don’t get many free cosmetics as a free 2 play player.

Bombergrounds Reborn - Animal Avatars
Animal Avatars

State of Game


While previously, one of the most worrying aspects of this game was the slow content releases, which really hasn’t changed much. While it is still in constant development, there is little to no communications from the dev side on any roadmaps or what is coming to the game.


Sadly, this is one of the most disappointing things about this game. The playerbase is super small and judging from just steam alone it is super lacking. However, the good news is, that this is also a Mobile game on both Andorid and IOS.

Bombergrounds Reborn - Steam playerbase
Steam playerbase

Cash Shop

F2P Friendly

Nothing has changed for the game really besides having special powers for your animal avatar. The game is still completely free game and everything in-game can be purchased with in-game earned currency. The paid elements are still there, and it is still a very fun game to play without ever needing to feel like you must spend money to be competitive. In my books that is a 100% free to play friendly game.

Bombergrounds Reborn - Paid & Ingame Currency Store
Paid & Ingame Currency Store


The artwork and graphics are still the same which is chibi cartoony with animal style, I like it. Easy 5 stars for artwork from me. You start off as a cat and unlocking a bear is super-fast and easy.

Is Bombergrounds Worth Playing


Is Bombergrounds worth playing in 2023? Just like how previously I said it has its own place in the gaming world, I still think it is still something fun to play every now and there, it may not be a game you can play 10 hours each day, like MMOs or MOBAs games. But it is a fun alternative to the Fall Guy style of game, something that would be very fun with a small group of friends.

Victory Screen

Systeam Requirements

Operation SystemWindows 7 64bitWindows 7 64bit
Processor (CPU)x64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support or equivalentx64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support or equivalent
Memory (RAM)2 GB RAM2 GB RAM
Graphics (GPU)256MB Video Memory or equivalent256MB Video Memory or equivalent
DirectXVersion 10Version 10
Storage1 GB available space1 GB available space
Requires Broadband Internet connection and Epic Games Account
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