World of Warcraft – Dragonflight

Dragonflight Announcement

Dragonflight has been officially announced just a few months back, it was only until recently we got the see the glimpse of what it really has to offer besides the obvious dragons content. Currently the game is set to release in December 2022.

Currently, the game is said to have the following new features

  • New Level Cap – Level 70
  • New Raids and Dungeons
  • New Toys/Mounts Collection Goodies
  • Dragon Riding Feature
  • New Talents Trees
  • New Crafting System
  • Continuation of the WoW Lore

Personally, all it took was the new talent tree system to make me want to come back. On top of that, I was not impressed with the Shadowlands Lore at all. To me It felt very unplanned and too many loop holes and questions, but that’s another story for another time.

I am happy that the lore is back now on Azeroth, and hopfully we see what’s happening with the return of the dragons and if the void lords are gonna make another entrance or not. That’s honestly what I am excited about for DF, the Lore and the customization of your own character to it’s depths.

As we know, I play a druid, I love customizing the heck out of my class, I play Feral, Balance and Guardian with Feral being my main. I would love the freedom we saw with customization in Classic days. While Dragonflight’s talent tree isn’t the same as classic, it isn’t a simple talent tree like what we saw in in the recent years.

My Thoughts on playing Dragonflight

It needs to hurry up and release, while I am waiting for Tower of Fantasy or AcheWorld, or even the upcoming World of Jade Dynasty. There so many interesting MMORPGs that is dropping, just have no idea when. Interesting enough, ArcheWorld isn’t actually the rumoured ArcheAge2, which might named ArcheWar, so that’s another MMORPG to potentially look forward to.

Back on topic, I have already pre-purchase the Epic Edition and cannot wait for it to drop to re-subscribe to the game. Although I did come back to Shadowlands briefly again with the 1 month subscription included in the pre-purchase, it really didn’t felt fun at all. The game felt exactly where I left it 2 years ago with nothing really progressed. I spent the 1 month levelling up all my characters to level 60 and started to do mount and toy collection once again. Season 4 shortly released after which was honestly a huge disappointment. It felt like a filler season and that the devs are not concentrating on the current game at all. Hopefully that would mean Dragonflight would be a lot better, but we will see.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Dragonflight or not a World of Warcraft fan?

Excited for WoW Dragonflight

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