World of Warcraft – Dragonflight Launch Announced

Dragonflight Announcement

Dragonflight launch date has been officially announced to be November 28th 2022 assuming there are no surprise delays. This means pre-patch could be as soon as mid-october 2022.

Currently, the game is said to have the following new features

  • New Level Cap – Level 70
  • New Raids and Dungeons
  • New Toys/Mounts Collection Goodies
  • Dragon Riding Feature
  • New Talents Trees
  • New Crafting System
  • Continuation of the WoW Lore

What Fayiette is personally looking forward during pre-patch is to level up the new class Dracthyr Evoker as it is available during the start of Dragonflight Pre-Patch while completing all the event goodies on my Druid.

While my main would always most likely be the Druid, I love the Monk class but that doesn’t stop me from trying out all the new classes. The new Dragon race looks awesome and can’t wait to see how they really turn out with the new ability mechanics.

When Is Dragonflight Pre-Patch

Dragonflight Prepatch begins on October 25 2022

New Evoker class / Dracthyr race becomes playable on November 15 2022

Dragonflight Official Launch November 28 2022

Dragonflight Raid Season 1 starts December 13 2022

Wow Dragonflight Prepatch Timeline

What To Do Until Dragonflight Pre-Patch

Honestly, I tried out both Tower of Fantasy or AcheWorld but it did not exactly scratch that MMORPG itch I been having. I even thought about going back to play Black Desert Online which is probably as bad as it would get. I even jumped on Vanguard and had some fun on FPS games which is rare since i’m not that much of an FPS fan. While that didn’t last long, I eventually re-subbed and ever since I been leveling all my characters to level 60 while collecting all the goodies such as mounts and toys since then.

I have finally hit 300+ Mounts and 250+ Toys on my account so there is that. Until Dragonflight drops, I will be continue grinding on completion since I have no real desire to min-max S4 Shadowlands.

Once I done my dailies and such i’ll be venturing into Dragonflight Beta

Fayie Dragonflight Beta
Fayie Dragonflight Beta

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Dragonflight or not a World of Warcraft fan?

Excited for WoW Dragonflight

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