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Tower of Fantasy Announcement

The Genshin-like MMORPG Tower of Fantasy game is an open-world role-playing game which will be available on both PC and Mobile is officially set to release globally on August 10th5 PM PT. This has been confirmed on their website which now features an countdown until the release date.

Currently, the game is set to launch on the following platforms

Through an interstellar colonization plan, humans created a new civilization on a planet called Aida.
To mine the comet Mara for a mysterious yet potent energy called Omnium, they built the Tower of Fantasy.
But the humans who lusted after resources shall ultimately pay the price for their avarice

Founding Civilization

Tower of Fantasy is very similar to Genshin, you wil lsee majority of the same Genshin elements you would in Tower of Fantasy. From character gachas to customizations to gearing and customization tools to engaging in third party combat with enemies. The biggest addition that sets ToF apart is the PVP element. Genshin has no PVP elements whatsoever, while Tower of Fantasy does.

My Thoughts on Going Tower Of Fantasy

It needs to hurry up and release. I stopped my World of Warcraft Subscription just for this. It has me very excited as as much as I love playing Genshin Impact, the fact that there was no PVP action was the biggest deal breaker for me. While I completely understand why Genshin would go down that route, and I do agree to a degree as it’s balance issues would be a complete mess. I still prefer some imbalance frustrating PVP once in awhile over nothing at all. Just take a look at World of Warcraft’s BFA 8.3 with corruptions. That was a total mess with balance yet it was actually super enjoyable. To bad Blizz says no fun allowed right, no wonder why Shadowlands is super boring.

Anyways, back on the topic, I am super excited for Tower of Fantasy, and with over 3million pre-registrations, we may see a queue as well, but we all know what happens after a month or two. Another thing that was quite concern for me personally was Perfect World is one of the developers of Tower of Fantasy. While I personally love a lot of the games Perfect World has made and published in the past, including Perfect World, Jade Dynasty, War of Immortals and Forsaken World. (Rip Forsaken World Closing on November 30, 2022) They all had one thing is common, it was super P2W to the point where F2P players had absolutely zero chance. However, they are not the developers this time around either and it is very interesting that Perfect World is not listed on Steam yet they are listed on Wikipedia. We’ll see what happens, after all, it is a gacha cross platform MMORPG so I do expect elements of P2W.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Tower of Fantasy finally coming to the West?

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