Swords of Legends – Demo Steam Next Fest

Swords of Legends

Current Roadmap

Swords of Legends Online, or simply SOLO is developed by Aurogon, Wangyuan Shengtang Entertainment Technology CO.. From the publishers of TERA online and AION, they bring us the brand new MMORPG. Solo is currently known for using their the Havok Vision engine and not UE3, however, with China updating to the UE4 in the future.

We are currently in finished Closed Beta 2 and waiting for Name Reserves

Steam Next Fest

Swords of Legends Online have released information on an “Demo” copy of the game through steam only during Steam Next Fest.

This will allow new players to give the game a whirl and try before committing to the purchase.

This is very similar to what World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 does to attract new subscribers.

Here is some questions that have been asked in the community summarized

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why are you releasing a Demo?
Response: To potentially attract new players who have not had a chance to play or experience the game at all.

Question: When can I get this “Demo”
Response: During Steam Next Fest

Question: Is the Demo on Gameforge only again?
Response: This time around, Demo will be on Steam Only

Question: Will the demo version be wiped during launch
Response: Yes, it will be, no one is ahead, that includes all Alpha/Beta & Forgemasters.

Question: What limitations are built in the Demo?
Response: You can only level up to Level 15, once you reach level 15, you will be unable to interact with anything.

Question: Will there be another Beta?
Response: No, we are waiting for Name Reservation Phase then right into launch.

Question: Since you were busy working on Demo, would this push back Launch?
Response: No, launch will still be happening on time, kek, we wouldn’t know anyways, since it’s always been “Summer 2021”.

Question: I didn’t get to finish the Beta Panda Mount Event? Will Demo help?
Response: The Event should be live during the Demo period however it is unsure if the devs will be checking the Demo logs when sending out the Panda.

Question: Is there any difference between CBT2 and Demo?
Response: The Demo will be a higher version than the CBT2, closer to perfection for launch.

Question: 20% Cash Shop Promotion, is it live in the Demo aswell?
Response: No, not at this stage. Shop will exist in game but the 20% Cash Shop Promotion was strictly for Beta only. Further, Top-Up will be disabled.

Question: Will the Demo still be around after Steam Next Fest?
Response: Currently the Demo is only planned for Stream Fest Next, however this decision may change to allow it afterwards for users too try the game before committing to a purchase.

Question: Will there be any limitation on character slots in the Demo?
Response: No, you will have 6 slots which will allow you to create all 6 classes.

Question: Will there be any limitation in game in the Demo?
Response: No, currently, Demo only has 1 restriction known, which is the level 15 cap.

If you haven’t purchased Swords of Legends, you can do so right now on either Steam or Gameforge