Asta Online – 3rd Time The Charm?

Asta Online – The War of Tears and Winds

Did you know, Asta is coming back, again, for the 3rd time.

Don’t let that disappoint you. Asta Online was a fantastic MMORPG game. There was quite a few drawbacks to the game itself, starting with it’s publisher, however, the core game itself was great. It didn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel, but instead, put that wheel on the pedestal.

What do you mean 3rd time?

Asta Online has been officially released to the public twice now, it was developeted by an South Korean Company Polygon Games between 2010 and 2013.

The game lore based again two warring factions; Ora and Asu, engaged in large-scale player versus player combat. It was originally dubbed as the Asian World of Warcraft.

First Release

It was originally published in 2nd March 2016 by Webzen Games for the West which closed down shortly after on 4th October 2016. It didn’t even last a year.

Webzen official communication was due to low player count, however, that was not true. ASTA Online attracted quite a sizeable population base that far exceeds any of the smaller MMORPGs active in 2021. Instead, it was more likely due to the consequences of Webzen who ignored the exploits that was in game despite players constantly reporting them on multiple social channels and the forum. It was Webzen’s internal decisions to not take action, caused players to be driven away and lots of “charge backs”.

Second Release

The second time ASTA came back to the market was on 22nd June 2017 by Move Games, which did not do any better as it shut down on 8th December 2017. Lasted even shorter than the first release.

This was due to Move Games did not learn anything from Webzen and allowed the servers to go live with the exploits which caused just as much chaos as Webzen did. Further, they was security issues which caused multiple item and premium currency duping going on which ultimately lead to the population decline.

Third Release

While the third release launch has not happened yet, PlayDapp has been in negotiating with ASTA IP Holder SuperTree since late 2020 and it has been official as of today 15th January 2021 that they are able to bring ASTA Online back to the west.

You can read the source details here.

I have been in constant communication since Late 2020 regarding the title ASTA with PlayDapp.

Afterall, this was one of my all time favorite MMORPG game of all time, despite being short-lived each time and I would love to see it be revive and maintained properly.

I was luckily enough to speak to one of the Staff who is taking care of the project.

I can confirm the following news for everyone.

Right now, they are looking for Developers to join their team, if you think you have what it takes, go ahead and apply for the suitable position.

They are exploring either a Mobile Version or another PC Version.

The following images are from the 1st & 2nd Launch. These are all taken by Fayie on his Character – Nefelibata

Why Asta Online was a Great MMORPG

While it provided both PVE and PVP content; with Open World PVP and Instanced PVP along with Dungeons and Raids for PVE.

Fayie on a killing spree
Fayie on a killing spree

Asta Online was a very PVP focused Tab-Target MMORPG while completely separating both genres to ensure each of the player base will enjoy it without overlapping too much. I love it when MMORPGs do that, this made Asta Online PVP was super fun as PVE geared players cannot just heavily nuked another player to death.

As you can see, Fayie is a big Battleground PVPer.

What’s more fun than walking around slaughtering everything in sight ? Isn’t that the definition of fun? Right haha, maybe not for other players.

So let’s go back on topic, Asta online had a very unique system. It wasn’t just about gearing up your standard Weapons and Armours. It had something called Divine Spirits. Those Spirits comes in grades just like Gear but gives both stats and you can only equip so many with so many different kinds to choose and farm from.

Below is an example of the UI and the stats given.

Asta Spirit System
Asta Spirit System
Asta Fayies Character Stat
Asta Fayies Character Stat

Another thing ASTA has done well was stat breakdowns, unlike the more popular MMOs nowdays such as Black Desert with these stats completely hidden.

Asta was very transparent with stats. Check out Fayie’s Character back on the Steam Version.

Not just that, there was lots of events going on back then. Hopefully PlayDapp will do the same and keep the player base happy with constant content and engagements.

Asta also had Mounts to collect, there always a collector in a guild, and there always collectors in MMORPG Games, just look how successful WoW Mount Collecting is.

World of Warcraft have so many it’s ridiculous but it can be super addicting, I know I have about 250+ or so mounts in WoW alone.

ASTA may not have that many, but they have pretty mounts for everyone to collect.

All in All, I want to give a shout out to PlayDapp_Ryan Chown #4135

On Discord for keeping me updated constantly and PlayDapp for picking up ASTA and letting us relive our memories.

What people don’t understand, it’s never just the publisher who makes the game a success, the player base has to help too.

Was Asta Online Worth Playing?

For me, Asta Online was 100% worth playing, It was one of better MMORPGs out there who didn’t attempt to be new and unique and failing completely. While it’s publishers it had was terrible which cause the multiple closures. I had a very good time in game playing Asta and if it ever comes back, I would not hesitate to play again.