ArcheWorld – Official Launch Date

What is ArcheWorld

Do you remember the publisher Trion and the developer XLGames; it’s PVP Driven MMORPG Archeage. Despite having a round 2 comeback called Archeage Unchained, this time around they are trying something completely different. Just imagine, a seamless, open world PC MMORPG that utilize NFT on blockchain technology. Sounds fancy right? Probably is too much technicality for an average person. What this means really is, imagine complete ownership of various items such as land, buildings, pets, vehicles and gears in the MMORPG ArcheWorld by minting them into NFTs.

Launch Date

The official launch date set for XLGames’ Archeworld MMORPG is September 1st, 15:00 (UTC+8).

How To Play ArcheWorld

You are able to sign up for an ArcheWorld account here. You will need to add a Cryptocurrency Wallet to your account to complete registration.

The cryptocurrency will be on the Klaytn blockchain (KYLA) which utilise Ethereum (ETH). So Metamask wallets are the preferred choice.

tBORA <-> BSLT Swap Page Launch on BORA PORTAL

August 29th, (MON) 15:00 (UTC+8)

The initial swap rate will be revealed when the Swap page is open.

BSLT is the currency that you will be able to trade into in game, which is part of ArcheWorld’s Pay2Earn mechanism.

Read more on their white paper to understand how you can play ArcheWorld as a full time job and make money.

Archeum P2E
Archeum Pay 2 Earn Chart
Archeum P2E Flow
Archeum Pay 2 Earn Flow

ArcheWorld System Requirements

WindowsMinimum RequirementsRecommended
OSWindows 8.1Windows 10
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 8000 series 512MB
AMD Radeon HD 4000 series 512MB
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
AMD Radeon HD 7850
CPUIntel Core2 DuoIntel Core i7
Direct XVersion 9.0cVersion 11
Harddrive90 GB available space / SSD Strongly Recommended90 GB available space / SSD Strongly Recommended
Broadband Internet connection needed

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