Subtlety Rogue Overpowered in 9.0?

Running from Mages CDs
Running from Mages

Are Subtlety Rogues overpowered in 9.0?

Previously, a few days back, I was trying out the Marksman Hunter for PVP, so today I’m back with another World of Warcraft Battlegrounds Video.

In fact, let’s make it better, two videos; twice the pride, double the fall, yeah pretty much, I got completely destroyed in both of them!

That made me think what went wrong in the battlegrounds, why did we get destroyed completely, than I noticed, both matches had one thing in common.

The rogue, the Subtlety Rogues was wrecking havoc. In fact, they were pretty much globaling everyone each few minutes and it just completely ridiculous.

Sub Rogue Locked Down
Sub Rogue Stun Lock
Sub Rogue Globaling
Sub Rogue Globaling

They say that Marksman Hunter was ridiculously strong, but Rogues, we don’t even compare.

But hey, they both need to be tuned down a bit.

Well, after the first match, I took a breather, looked back and see what i could be improving.
Which was some of my keybinds and locations.

It felt a little awkward, lets be honest. I am still not use to the hotkey binds and what skills to cast when and where at all. Compared to Beast Mastery Hunter, Marksman felt a lot more complex. Not necessary in a bad way for Beast Mastery Hunters but just different.

So I tided that up, tried to fix a few things and see how well I went for my 2nd match.

Honestly, I think I did a lot better the second video compared to the first.

Key binds helped but still no way as use to playing Marksman as I would as I would be playing my Druid, whether it was Bear, Cat or Balance. Or even the Beast Mastery Hunter as it is my second alt throughout World of Warcraft BFA. Nothing really escapes the years of muscle memory in a particular spec or class.

GraveYard Camped
Being Based Camped