Marksman Hunter PVP Brawl 9.0.2

Brawl, 10th Hunter Marksman Cluster Fight
Middle Cluster Fight

Does Marksman Hunter do well in Mass instance PVP?

It’s another day, and you know what that means in World of Warcraft?

It means, a brand new day of dailies to do and complete in order to not fall behind.

One of the many dailies WoW has to offer is PVP, more specifically; conquest points.

With PVP timed events happening every few weeks, Conquest Points becomes ever slightly more easy to gain due to another “daily” gets added for quite a bit of conquest points.

That means, I’m back with another WoW PVP Brawl Video today.

While Druid will always be my main, currently, I want to explore the Marksman Hunter a bit more so still adapting slowly.

Just as I mentioned earlier asking whether Alliance still suck at PVP, it just aligns what what happened to me yesterday as I never gotten my “win of the day” yesterday.

I did around 3 or 4 matches in total before I was completely drained. Hopefully today, would be a much better day

As always, if you have any tips for me for improvement, always appreciated !

Marksman Hunter BG/Arena Shadowlands 9.0.2 PVP
Hunter Snipe Shot
Hunter Snipe Shot