PVP Brawl – Does Alliance Still Suck in 9.0?

Does Alliance still suck in PVP 9 expansion into the game?

Originally, I wanted to post some of the Mythic Raiding for 8.3 however, for some odd reason, not all the videos was recorded properly, such a shame. So no Raiding video this time around.

Packed House PVP
Some suicidal Hunter I am

Instead, I got a clip of some World of Warcraft PVP action, more specifically, Battle Brawl.

This week, Brawl is back, and its Packed House, which means ARENA STYLE 15vs15s.

Having played Alliance during World of Warcraft Vanilla, and switched to Horde for Blood Elves in The Burning Crusade and played as an horde until Battle for Azeroth where I switched back to Alliance. I do have quick an decent impression of what battlegrounds is like as an horde. I played both Alliance and Horde for World of Warcraft Classic and just like in BFA, Alliance got destroyed in PVP consistently.

So the question is always the same, in World of Warcraft, “Does Alliance still suck at PVP”.

Well the answer is, yes most definitely, we do. While we do still do win a fair share of matches, more often than not, we are bound to loose.

Here have a video of our Brawl Matches.