Are Marksman Hunter’s still Overtuned in 8.3?

Does Marksman Hunter need to be nerfed?

My main class in World of Warcraft since Vanilla has always been the Druid class; for life. Simply because it has an overwhelming amount of ways I can customize my build and tailor the game play directly to you is just insane. Whether it’s DPS melee, Range DPS, Healer or Tank.

However, lately, I been playing my Hunter Beast Master a bit more and I been told how stupidly strong Marksman Hunters are.

MM Hunter 5th Dec
Suicidal Hunter with Orb

I am not one to hop on bandwagons however, my BM Hunter isn’t strong either as it is just an alt, I wanted to give it a go.

After all, truth be told, it was the Marksman Spec that even got me to create my Hunter alt to begin with. Yet I have not played the spec extensively since the start of 8.3 BFA patch as Beast Master Spec was just too much fun.

So I went ahead and got some gears for MM spec and gave it a try in some World of Warcraft battlefield matches.

So excuse alot of my crappy gameplays.

So here two RAW BGs gameplays which we got rekt stupidly both times but let’s be real, I was part of the reason as I still am not familiar with the rotations or skills of Marksman and I am still a bit undergearred with my Marksman Set.

So tell me, do you think they are broken still?