League of Legends TFT

League of Legends Team Fight Tactics

As I don’t play League of Legend’s Teamfight Tactics Competitively and more of a time passer, I decided to always play “Stack games”. Basically, Stacking either 1 or 2 Traits. This will always be first Champ I receive or/and First Free 2* Champ.

I’m no master at this game, and truth be told, I play purely due to complete boredom and there nothing better to do.

MMORPG currently are in a complete dry period.

With World of Warcraft Shadowlands time-gating progress, It looks like I am taking a break from WoW for other games on the side.

Check out the two TFT Matches I played on Youtube.

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I love playing games while listening to music, thus why my videos are always soundless. 🙂