TFT Is Shade & Ninja Comp Overpowered?




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Is Kayn too Overpowered?

4 Shade Comp + 4 Ninja Comp
4 Shade Comp + 4 Ninja Comp

So today, went into another League of Legends Teamfight Tactics rated match, I missed 6 stacking Ninja comps in the past, so I wanted to give the Shadw/Ninja Comp a try.

While I started off with an Exile champ, it did practically handed it to me during round 2. So why not, easy start off right..

I wasn’t expecting it at the very least but, Yellow Hero Kayn, felt a little too overpowered.

I was struggling to cope while I was collecting my Ninja, using any champs as fillers until I gotten 4.

I was on the verge of getting eliminated when RNG gave me a Kayn.

I didn’t think it would of mattered THAT much but it completely rekted the other time alive.

Kayn Skills

Mana 0 / 50

Kayn Spin to Win
Kayn Spin 2 Win

Kayn dashes toward his target then slashes all adjacent enemies, dealing magic damage and increasing the cost of their next spell by 33%. If the slash hits exactly one target, Kayn immediately casts again. As Rhaast: Reaping Slash heals Kayn for 50% of the damage it deals. As Shadow Assassin: Reaping Slash deals an extra 50% damage for the first 10 seconds of combat.

Damage: 375 / 555 / 6666



Tormented can be transformed after participating in 3 combats, enhancing their abilities.



Innate: When combat starts, Shades teleport to the enemy backline. After every third attack Shades dip into the shadows, stealthing and causing their next basic attack to deal bonus magic damage.
2 – 125 Bonus Magic Damage
3 – 400 Bonus Magic Damage
4 – 750 Bonus Magic Damage

While there are only 3 Shade Champs in the game, you Must get a Fated Shade Champ to activate the 4th Shade skill