TFT – Dusk Comp with Elderwood & Mage Fillers

Dusk Comp
Dusk Buffs

Is Dusk Comp a viable strategy?

Dusk Comp is super interesting in Teamfight Tactics, as it has two parts to it.

It boost everyone on the 2nd while boost Dusk only champs on the 4th.

With a mega all boost + Dusk Bonus boost on the 6th Row.

6 Dusk champs are not hard to obtain as most are under Epic ratings.

With this, they are very interesting builds we could try such as using Elderwood & Mages for fillers. They are even some Brawlers for HP boost.

Well without further ado, let’s get into the RAW uncut video.

Will I be lucky and score nice with RNG, or will I just fail to even build 6 Stack Dusk and end up bottom of the ranks.