TFT – Are Warlords Really THAT GOOD???

warlord stack
Warlord Comp Stack

Are Warlords top meta this season?

Another League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Match.

I hear the buzz about Warlords and how OP they are.

Well, are they really as strong/overpowered/unfair as the rumors states?

Or are people over exaggerating because they lost a few matches here and there with players being super lucky with RNG on Warlord builds?.

Well, lets check it out, I was actually lucky enough to start off with an Warlord & get a 2x Warlord.

Well, you can see, they are pretty good early & mid game, they drop off a lot later on with BURST characters as they are a group that are strong once they got the momentum going.

Probably good to have some tanks keeping enemies at bay as Keeper’s Bubble wasn’t strong enough, maybe I shoulda gotten 4x Keepers for a better bubble too. Still think I did pretty good, considering I messed up a few times. However, As my final thoughts on the LoL TFT Warlords Stack, it’s not considered Broken OP, it’s a little strong early/mid game but it really drops off afterwards. Also, it really relies on your luck for your second comp/items too. If i had more magic resist items I may gotten further.

warlord gameplay
Are Warlords Comp really that OP?