TFT Enlightened Comp Overpowered?




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Enlightened Comp

Is Enlightened with 100% Mana Increase Overpowered?

So today, went into another League of Legends Teamfight Tactics rated match, Enlightened Champs stated seems quite overpowered.100% Increase in mana regeneration.

Enlightened Champs covers a very wide range of roles from sword users to nukers; healers to buffers and disablers. If built all together with some good RNG they can potentially become a very strong army to contend with.

Enlightened Champs
Enlightened Champs

While with all teams, at times, you may need fillers to help you survive some rounds

I decided to go for Mystic & Divine as fillers.

How do you think it went, all I can say was, super rough start since super squishy champs.

With late game, you can easily crush other teams but the teamplay and flow are not as good as other metas making it quite hard to snatch away the first place.