TFT – 4 (Blue) Star Moonlight Comp???

4 Blue Star is possible using Moonlight Comp

4Star Moonlight Feat
4 Blue Star Champ

I’m going to be honest, I am not one who read patch notes and follow every tiny details of changelogs for any game. The last time I read a patch note religiously was probably back in 2016 for Blade and Soul.

So when it came to Teamfight Tactics new season along with their powers, I had absolutely no idea how anything works. I usually just jump in and play a few matches to somewhat understand what’s going on.

So I was playing casually ranked like always and boom, a 4* (Blue) Hero !!!

I didn’t know it was possible, check out the footage below.

So, as always, I go for 1 comp at the very start, in this case, it was Mage, which I was favored towards Moonlight, so I made them my sub-comp.

It was actually very easily, nuking everything down, but as two mage-like comps, very squishy, it was a hit or miss.

Watch the video and see how I went, did i get top 3 or did i fall off early.

League of Legends Mage + Moonlight Comp
Fayie Enterprise