Quote to end 2020




Ted Talk

As we are approaching the end of 2020, Fayie will like to thank everyone for supporting this site to have it continue running with minimum downtime.

Everyone continue to stay safe with COVID still looming over us, the end is near but it’s not over until its it’s completely disappears.

I haven’t received my COVID vaccination just yet, since I am neither in the Priority group nor am I a frontline health worker.

Kudos to the frontline health workers for 2020 keeping us all as safe as possible.

Let’s end with 2020 with a quote to sum up it up

Use the stones they throw at you to build your own palace


The idea behind this quote is, you should always build towards the best you, not what others want.

Take their hate, take their bs, take their insults and use it, fuel yourself to build a stronger you.

When you are doing something right, that’s when the envy, jealous the hate begins.

People can’t comprehend, what they have never experienced. The best revenge is success.


Let 2021 be a better year for us all, strive towards our goals, turn our dreams into reality and climb higher despite how many times you fall.