MSL Christmas Event 2020 Day 7




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Christmas Event Day 7

Dear Diary,

It’s Day 7 in Monster Super League‘s Christmas Event.

Saturday Capture Event
Saturday Capture Event

Before any update on MSL’s Christmas Event, just a quick reminder that during this Saturday, Monster Super League is having a Capture Rate Event increasing it by a whooping 15%. This stacks on the failure rates.

Great time to use any Rare up scrolls you been stocking up on to capture more at a more efficient rate if you need that extra boost.

Otherwise, for all the other players like myself, this is great to lose as little astrochips as possible when capturing these exotics.

Of course, that would also mean all the Gem-Farmers out there, your Legendary and Super Rares Astromons just got a little more easier!

That reminds me, yesterday, I was fortunate enough to come pass a few Legendary Mera with 1 being an Variant. Sadly I was only able to capture 1; it was not that variant either. It was a really sad day. All the potential gems not earned.


Speaking about the Festival Event.

I went ahead and Evo 3ed my Rudolph to check how many I am missing since my math is pretty shockingly bad.

I was able to get my Dark Rudolph successfully to a Variant Evo 3, while Both Wood and Light was only able to get to Evo 2.

While for Snowee, I was able finish my Evo 3 Light but Dark and Water is still stuck at Evo 2.

Not sure if I’ll have enough Astrochips to complete the collection this year or so. I would be pretty devastated if I have to wait another year.

On the positive Side, I was able to finish the quest for the Festival Profile Frame.

Festival Profile Frame Rewards
Festival Profile Frame Rewards