MSL Christmas Event 2020 Day 5




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Christmas Event Day 5

Dear Diary,

Excessive Chips to capture
Constant Failure to Capture

It’s Day 5 in Monster Super League‘s Christmas Event.

Just want to do a quick update today regarding MSL.

As mentioned on Day 4 of the Christmas Event, I was already running super low on the Special Exotic Astrochips even though I was receiving roughly additional 10 chips a day.

Since I have MSL on auto-play story mode majority of the day, 10 Astrochips gets used up super quick. So today, pretty much right at an Variant Snowee encounter, my Astrochips ran out. I couldn’t even wish for a 1 hit wonder. It was a slightly depressing moment.

At this point I probably maybe roughly done about ~650 story modes so far and captured a total 60 exotics. With #1 catching a whooping 109 Exotics.

Looks like I fallen quite beyond since yesterday.

Don’t forget to check the official Event Quest & Rewards to grab the additional goodies.

This year, they are giving away a unique Christmas profile border design. Don’t forget to claim it!

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