MSL Christmas Event 2020 Day 4




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Christmas Event Day 4

Dear Diary,

It’s Day 4 in Monster Super League‘s Christmas Event.

So far, I admit, the haul has been quite good. RNG wasn’t harsh to me at all.

My only concern is that my special Astrochips are getting super thin and there just no real way of getting them besides buying them as I mentioned back on the Day 1.

For me currently, there just isn’t enough to EVO 3 all 6 Astromons. I need to selectively pick them which somewhat annoys me, but it is what it is.

It is super ridiculous the #1 catcher has already caught 84 exotics as of this posting time. While I caught a measly 50 and I’m already happy.

I can’t even begin to imagine how much $ they have threw at the game for it or if they stocked up the special Astrochips from previous exotic catching events.

On a happier note, I have noticed is, they have set up the chance of Gem loot at the end of each dungeon. Despite doing non-stop autos for 10~12 hours a day. Along with capturing Variant & Super Rare for Gems, my total gems has not gone done at all but in fact gone up. This is a good move on their end to help the F2P players like me to do the event more.

So to tally up what I captured so far

  • 2 Variant Snowee
  • 22 Snowee
  • 3 Variant Rudolph
  • 23 Rudolph

Also, they add an official Event Quest & Rewards shop up as of yesterday.

This year, they are giving away a unique Christmas profile border design. Don’t forget to claim it!