MSL Christmas Event 2020 Day 2




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Christmas Event Day 2

Dear Diary,

I won’t be making an everyday entry on this Event. Probably… or most likely.

However, I just want to update before when I say RNG was a major factor in finishing this collection.

I for once, have been playing Monster Super League for years, I did the very first Snowee event, however, I never did it for the subsequent years after, regrettably. So I’m already slight ahead compared to all the new comers.

However, in 1 day of auto-play, roughly like 10 hours worth since I do sleep eat and do other things. However, a lot of this time is most likely wasted, as at times I do forget about MSL’s existence and it just stays there “waiting” at the exotic or an variant, super rare or equivalent that stops auto-play.

I have spent like hundreds of gems to buy energy each and everyday. However, this isn’t anything different than what I usually do since Gem grinding isn’t the worse compared to other Gacha games. In fact, it is relatively easy, but that’s another topic, read Gem Farming Guide if you want to learn how to make 10,000 Gems monthly without much effort.

In the first day, I was able to capture a total of 10 Snowees, excluding the Variant Light I have currently from past events. Sadly, not a single variant.

As for Rudolph, I never captured any in past events, so this will be my first one. I was able to get a total of 7.

Not to bad for Day 1.

I might be able to Evo 3 all the elements for collection at this pace.